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6 Cheap and Fun Holiday Ideas For When You’re Broke AF

By Grace Noles
13th Dec 2017

6 Cheap and Fun Holiday Ideas For When You're Broke AF

Summer is upon us and thankfully that means some time off to sit back and relaaaax. However, with the stress and costs of Christmas and New Year’s piling up, we know that not everyone can afford to jet off to the Carribean for a week or two. Here at The Urban List we think everyone deserves to have a break, so we’ve put together the best holiday ideas for when you’re broke AF but desperate to unwind. Start packing your bags!  

Take A Hike 

Literally. It’s virtually free and it gets you out and about, seeing the best views our part of the world has to offer. With a city as beautiful as ours, packed with coastal walkways, dense bush and natural waterfalls, you’ll feel like you’re on an overseas vacay for sure. Here are some of the best hikes in Auckland for you to tick off as you go!

Classic Kiwi Roadie 

Grab your togs, sunscreen, a deli chicken, and some bread rolls, and then see where the road takes you. No summer is complete without at least one roadie with your mates and it’s super convenient to split the costs since, let’s be honest, you’re all as broke as each other. Roll down the windows, crank up some tunes, and make sure your phone is fully charge so you can snap that perfect ‘gram pic. To help you out we’ve even found the most secluded spots for you to visit! 

Life’s A Beach 

While the rest of NZ likes to boast about their beaches, us Aucklanders know that we’ve truly got some of the best shores tucked away up here. The beach is easy, fun, cheap, and right on our doorstep—whether it’s one of Kohimarama’s amazing bays, or further east at stunning Maraetai Beach. Slap on some sunscreen (the Auckland sun has no mercy), hit up the bakery for some picnic treats, and take your pick of the coasts surrounding our awesome city. 

DO Go Chasing Waterfalls 

The concrete jungle that is Auckland is actually dotted with some of the coolest waterfalls accessible. Everyone knows that waterfalls are 100 times better to swim in than the ocean and now there’s no need to travel all the way down to the South Island to get in on the waterfallin’ action! Here’s a handy-dandy list of Auckland’s best ones to visit! 


When you just want to get out of the house for a few days but can’t afford the luxury that is a Top 10 Holiday Park , camping is your best friend. It gets you closer to mother nature, and is a real testament to your character of how long you can last. There are so many free and super affordable camping spots in and just out of Auckland. It’s the cheapest get-away possible!

The Country Of The Free

Or, why not go freedom camping?! Yes, all those ‘grams you’ve seen of people’s legs hanging out the back of their pick-up trucks are all a-ok allowed, and hella fun. Pack some blankets, lots of snacks and fill up ya car before you hit the road and sleep under the stars. Pro Tip: While freedom camping is legal in New Zealand, just make sure to double check all the regulations where ever you stop!

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