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7 Delivery Services We Are Loving Right Now

By Emma Pickles
23rd Jun 2017

6 Delivery Services We Are Loving Right Now

Whether you’re looking for that perfect present, some healthy food without the headache of sourcing it yourself or you just wanna treat yo’self to some of the best goodies floating around Auckland at the moment, this list of Auckland delivery services has your back.

Here they are:

The Chocolate Tour

Keep your chocoholism anonymous. The Chocolate Tour can help. Five to eight of the highest quality artisan chocolates are delivered to you the first week of each month. And, don’t worry you can choose the bi-monthly subscriptions because they will not make it through the week. They offer monthly or quarterly too, but no one has that kind of self-control, let’s be honest.


We have all been in that situation where we weren’t planning on a big night. You get there and you’re having fun and you run out of alcohol but you can’t drive because you’ve already had a few. Brewbound solves this issue with alcohol delivered to your door in under an hour. And it’s just $5. Beer, cider, wine, spirits and mixers. What a lifesaver! Plus they have the necessary naughty snacks that go perfectly with a pint- chips and chocolate.

Dog Box

If you love your dog enough then Dog Box is the subscription you need. Five to six of the best products (treats and toys) you can find in NZ, delivered to your door, every month. Plus they’re premium and all natural for your fussy pampered pooches. Dog Box will save you time, money and keeps your pooches happy and healthy. It’s as easy as choosing your dog’s size, how long you want it for and then your dog will look forward to the 18th of each month. They’ll feel like it’s their birthday 12 days a year.

Taste Integrity

Taste Integrity is one company that has integrity at its heart. They are basically an online supermarket for all organic, sustainable and healthy products. And, they have everything you need—fresh fruit, veges, meat, dairy, eggs, bread, pasta, coffee and even household cleaning products—and nothing that you don’t. You’ll be able to skip those supermarket queues and the nasties and naughties that you impulsively throw in your trolley. Delivered to you on a Saturday, you can spend your weekend doing something better.

Sweet As

Takeaway becomes cakeaway with Sweet As late night dessert delivery. Their menu includes all the dairylicious desserts you want for that late night sugar hit—snacks, shakes and cheesecakes. Instead of having to drive all the way to the supermarket to look in their less-than-ideal frozen section you can get fresh treats delivered to your door. Sweet, sliced and real nice. 


Two words: Doughnut delivery. All your dreams have come true. Doornuts deliver by the dozen. And it’s free if you live in the central city! Hand rolled, cut and decorated, each doughnut is unique. With flavours like lemon meringue, blueberry crumble, maple bacon and peanut butter and jelly 12 will not be enough.

Box and Blooms 

Take ordering flowers to the next level with Box and Blooms.  This gorgeous delivery arrives in a box with long-stemmed flowers whihc you can then arrange exactly as you please! That's bloomin' great!  You have multiple options of boxes to choose from such as straight, mixed, premium and roses. Whether you want to send them as a birthday surprise to a special someone or maybe treat yourself (don’t worry we won’t tell anyone) there’s something for every occasion.

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Image credit: Jaiden Bhaga

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