6 Things You Should Do Now You’re An Adult

By Natasha Van Der Laan
28th Aug 2017

6 Things You Should Do Now You’re An Adult

Adulting is one tough gig. You quickly realise the rubbish doesn’t take itself out, laundry doesn’t wash itself and—shock horror—dinner doesn’t *actually* cook itself. But it’s not all doom and gloom—no way, José. This exciting chapter in your life is about becoming the very best version of you.

Even as an adult, you quickly realise you never stop learning. Lucky for us, our pals at The University of Auckland know their stuff. As the leading university in New Zealand, it’s the one-stop spot to up the ante of your adult life. With a heap of postgrad courses, you’ll be #winning in no time.

Guided by their infinite wisdom, we’ve rounded up six things you should do now you’re an adult—get to it!

Guess what, guys? Education doesn’t finish once you’ve learnt how to mix an espresso martini. Take that brain of yours to a whole new level with a postgrad qualification. The University of Auckland’s study options are seemingly endless with everything from French and social work to psychology and teaching. Heck, if you’ve always wanted to write a novel, there’s even a masters in creative writing!

2. Learn Your Way Around The Kitchen 

To officially qualify as an adult, you need at least one decent meal under your belt—a dish that would get you an 8/10 on MasterChef. And—before you ask—no, nachos don’t count. Find a recipe you like the look of and cook on repeat until you have it perfected. As a real test, invite your nearest and dearest around, pop open a bottle of wine and whip up said dish. Finish with an apple crumble (also made from scratch, of course) and voila—you just hosted a dinner party.

3. Do Something You've Always Wanted To Do 

In case you hadn’t realised, you’ve only got one life to cram all your hopes and dreams into. What’s your bucket list looking like? Do you wistfully say, “I’ve always wanted to do a sky dive” but never do anything to make it happen? If you’ve always wanted to do something, now’s your chance. If you’re thinking about doing said sky dive, going to London or going back to university, there’s no time like the present.

4. Get A Job You Like — Or Create It! 

A few simple calculations and you’ll realise you spend 35 per cent of your waking hours working—you’re gonna want to be in a job you like. There’s a massive difference between a job that simply pays the bills and a fulfilling career. To land that dream job, you need to be better than those you’re up against. A postgrad qualification will help you boost your skill set and open new doors—whether that’s in a new industry, a new city or something to help you kick goals on your own side hustle! 



It’s easy to lose a weekend to Game of Thrones and, before you know it, you’ll find yourself saying “sorry, I can’t make it—I’ve got a season finale to watch”. There’s more to life than Netflix, people. As cheesy as it sounds, embrace life and the wonderful city that is Auckland. Check out a comedy show, wander the museum, hike the Waitakeres…do anything other than succumb to your duvet and Jon Snow. Start by checking out a new restaurant, nabbing tickets to a show and signing up for a cocktail masterclass. Now THAT’S an epic weekend.

6. Get A House Plant ... And Keep It Alive 

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more adulty than owning a house plant. Whether it’s a peace lily, calathea or fiddle-leaf fig, a lush piece of greenery really ties a room together—and makes you feel pretty darn good about life. If you’ve failed at embracing your green thumb before, don’t despair—that’s why cacti and succulents were invented. Keep your foliage alive and you’ll feel like such an adult.

Don’t stop moving forward. Take your education to a whole new level with The University of Auckland’s postgraduate courses. Click here to discover the exciting options.

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