61 Thoughts We Had While Watching Married At First Sight Episode 7

By Urban List Writers
22nd Oct 2017

Last week we saw the couples come together for the first time since the weddings took place and let’s just say that things got a little outta hand. We had a group of ‘wives’ who decided to publically bad mouth and embarrass their spouses and it finished with WWIII almost erupting as Lacey ripped the shit out of Luke.

All was not good, not good at all.

Naturally, we had no place to be but in front of TV, no matter if it is Labour Weekend.

Here were 61 thoughts we had while watching this week’s Married At First Sight.

  1. Attacked by hornets? Yeah, Luke, we’d kinda have to agree.
  2. All the drama. Popcorn is ready!
  3. “My family think you’re a joke.” Damn, did we need to repeat that scene??
    married at first sight nz thoughts
  4. What’s with the tongue, Luke? 
  5. Ok, Bel is getting involved. We’re sure this will smooth things out…
    married at first sight nz thoughts
  6. “That was his chance to be honest and open.” Ummm…he was, Lacey. 
  7. “Lacey is here for the right reasons.” That’s a quote from The Bachelor if we ever heard one.
    married at first sight nz thoughts
  8. Def the face of someone who is taking it all as a joke. 
  9. Hayden obvs still likes Bel. 
  10. Poor Andrew doesn’t know what Vicky is saying behind his back.
  11. Don’t worry Andrew, there’s always Ben.
  12. Good on ya Brett. Even if you can’t help, you’re a good bloke for lending an ear.
  13. “I didn’t sign up for that, eh?” Ok, maybe not such a good bloke, Brett.
    married at first sight nz thoughts
  14. Awwww…but then this. Oh Brett, you’re cute. 
  15. “It sucks that they’re so good together.” Lacey’s a bit green.
  16. Shhhh Ben! Aaron’s here!
    married at first sight nz thoughts
  17. STOP Aaron! 
  18.  Lacey is dragging as many people into this as she possibly can.
  19. Dom! Are you crying??? You don’t have the full story!!! Dude, you’ve been played.
  20.  “Harden up, soft cock.” You tell him Claire. Time for some YOU time!
  21. Now Lacey is stirring shit with Hayden! Leave him be!
    married at first sight nz thoughts
  22. Gossiping to a man’s wife? Nasty!
  23. Good on ya, Bel. You handled that well.
  24. And….now Vicky has something to add….
  25. Andrew: “I’m not in it just for having a….” what was the end of that sentence??!
  26. Andrew again: “All these girls are pretty caring.” Wait until you watch this on TV.
  27. Oh gawd, Luke’s giving it another go. We’re not hopeful.
    married at first sight nz thoughts
  28. If looks could kill...
    married at first sight nz thoughts
  29. And then laugh at him. Yet he’s the joke. Okayyyyy.
  30. “I will not be played. This is a joke.” Again….okayyyyyy
  31. “My ring is still not on my ring finger and I don’t think that is going to change.” For Luke's sake, we hope so. 
  32. “Come and have a chat with us??” Don’t do it Luke!
  33. This is a bloody coven. Leave him alone!
  34. “Just so you know we’re not here to interrogate,” Could’ve fooled the country, Bel.
  35. Bel and Hayden have hope. Thank crikey.
    married at first sight nz thoughts
  36. Claire is not a happy camper. Take her home, Dom. 
    married at first sight nz thoughts
  37. Now that's an awkward nose kiss. 
  38. We didn’t find out what Vicky was going to say about Hayden!!!
  39. And Lacey said she’d talk to Luke…but nada…
  40. “I’m not giving you anything tonight, honey.” That’s a burrnnnn for Dom.
  41. Whaat?? The cameras didn’t follow them to drinks??
    married at first sight nz thoughts
  42. Claire said she wasn’t feeling well, but we didn’t know how much so! 
  43. Dom, why aren’t you at the hospital??!
    married at first sight nz thoughts
  44. Why is Andrew’s wedding ring on his pinky? 
  45.  Damn straight, Vicky! Give him some love!
  46. Bel found out Hayden has been messaging another wife and saying they should have been matched?? Was this what Vicky wanted to share?
    married at first sight nz thoughts
  47. Naww Bel that sucks.
  48. Ok. So then Hayden has a different story. Screenshots of the conversation, please!
  49. Lacey, he really did put himself out for you. #justsaying
  50. Oh shiitttt…Ben didn’t come home last night. Not cool bro, not cool.
  51. Counselling time! Pani and Tony you’ve got it easy with Brett and Angel!
  52. “I’ve done a couple too many nice things.” Oh Brett, there's SO much worse you could have done.
    married at first sight nz thoughts
  53. What’s the blue stuff on Tony’s shoe? 
  54. “Everyone deserves someone like that.” Yes, Angel. Yes, they do.
  55. So Ben’s back. WHERE WAS HE LAST NIGHT?
    married at first sight nz thoughts
  56. Guessing it was a big one. 
  57. “My exes are meatheads.” How did that work for ya?
    married at first sight nz thoughts
  58. Ben’s body says all the words. 
  59. Hang on. Pani and Tony, you should have made Ben talk too! Again, it’s Aaron doing all the work!
    married at first sight nz the urban list
  60.  “Does Luke know you’re leaving tomorrow?” YOU CAN’T END IT LIKE THIS!!!
  61. And…they’re moving in together tomorrow. Shit is gonna go downnnnn.

Miss last week's episode? Here were our thoughts. 

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