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7 Theatre Shows To See Before The End Of The Year

By Bella Askelund
8th Sep 2017

7 Theatre Shows To See Before The End Of The Year

There was a time when theatre was associated with the Victorian era, and us not-so-cultured folks thought it was far from the bee's knees. But we’re gonna come right out and say we could not have been more misguided. With times-a-changing and trends evolving, we’ve discovered that theatre shows are in fact, the Romeo to our Juliet. From mid-week comedy shows and Saturday afternoon musicals, you’ll find yourself regretting skipping High School drama class. 

So to ensure you're getting your theatrical fix, we’ve got your list of Auckland shows you need (yep, need!) to see before the end of the year. Those extra dollars are about to go to good use.

Matilda the Musical

This has been dubbed the best stage musical to ever come to Auckland, and with good reason. With a standing ovation after each show, people cannot stop raving about the multi-award winning, Matilda the Musical. The Royal Shakespeare Company has brought this rendition of Roald Dahl’s magical story to life. Miss Honey, The Trunchbull, Matilda and even her god-awful father—they're all there. If Matilda’s skills amazed you in the film, prepare to be blown away with this musical. We’ll let you in on a secret…If there’s one show on this list that you see, make sure it’s this one.

Where: The Civic, Corner of Queen St & Wellesley St, Auckland.
When: Currently playing until 22 October.

Cirque Éloize: Cirkopolis

This combination of acrobats, theatre and dance is brought to life by one of the world’s leading contemporary circus companies, Cirque Éloize. A reality-defying spectacle, you’ll see twelve acrobatic artists challenge the limits of gravity in Cirkopolis. With incredible strength, and a hilarious French-Canadian humour, style and colour, this theatrical performance is a mind-blowing spectacle. The background reps an urban cityscape, while the performance itself is far from ‘normal city life’. This show won the New York Drama Desk award for the best ‘Unique Theatritcal Experience’, so if weird and wonderful is your jam, you're in for a good night. P.S. it’s been said to enchant the entire family, so perhaps an outing with the OG crew is in order?

Where: The Civic, Corner of Queen St & Wellesley St, Auckland.
When: 5 - 10 December.

Tennessee William’s A Streetcar Named Desire

Quite possibly the most powerful performance of the season. A Streetcar Named Desire premiered in Broadway 70 years ago, but it's still as thought provoking as ever. Shane Bosher has created a contemporary masterpiece based on Tennesse William’s iconic story. Set in the French Quarter of New Orleans, a family seeks refuge from crippling dept. As every good tale goes, it’s set in a steamy hot summer and theres overwhelming sexual tension at play. However, the themes tackle controversial issues of femininity, masculinity and sexuality, introducing an urgent exploration of desire and domestic brutality. A show that's worth every penny.

Where: Q Theatre, 305 Queen Street, Auckland.
When: 24 August - 16 September.

Miranda Sings

If you haven’t heard of the Youtube sensation Miranda Sing (AKA: Colleen Ballinger), your wifi connection needs an upgrade. A hilarious comedian who has taken the social media world by storm, her fans believe she may just be the funniest human to exist. After a world tour of sell-out shows, she's finally gracing Auckland shores. Colleen created Miranda in 2008 who is now renowned for her overdrawn red lips, questionable advice about singing and life and deluded self-confidence, but boy has she cracked it. Appearing on both Jimmy Fallen and Jerry Seinfeld shows, this is one act that you don’t wanna miss. Trust us, even if you haven’t binge-watched her on Youtube, you’re still gonna be laughing your a** off.

Where: The Civic, Corner of Queen St & Wellesley St, Auckland.
When: Wednesday 8 November 2017.

Blame It On Bianca Del Rio

Blame It On Bianca Del Rio, AKA winner of the ever-so-popular show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, is bringing her theatre tour to New Zealand for the very first time. She's an incredibly hilarious, self-proclaimed “clown in a gown” and most of the world has already fallen in love with her eccentric ways. The New York Times have even dubbed her the ‘Joan Rivers of the drag world’—quite the call! Leaving you with a message from Bianca herself, she's got this to say: “G’day Kiwis! I hope you’re ready for some filthy, nasty, hateful humour because I’m coming down under with a brand new comedy show. Get your cocktails ready for a fun night”. You heard her guys, get ya party pants on and get ready for a night of belly laughin’ humour.

Where: Aotea Centre, 50 Mayoral Drive, Auckland.
When: Monday 6 November.


Yep, you read that right. The much loved Dracula spectacular is coming to Auckland. A fabulous performance adapted from Bram Stoker's classic novel, this one will have you scared out of your boots and five minutes later falling off your chair with laughter. For those of you unfamiliar with the story, you'll see Jonathan Harker emerge from the bloodsucker's castle to tell a gruestome horror story. All your darkest myths and fantasies come to life with this one as the cast battle their way through the goriest of scenes. Perhaps not a theatre performance suited for the whole family...but definitely one for those of with a love for horror films and creepy callings. 

Where: TheatreWords, Recreation Drive, Birkenhead, Auckland.
When: 15 - 23 September. 

Peter and the Wolf

A performance that arguably has the most eclectic line-up of narrators throughout its celebrated history (even David Bowie and Dame Edna Everage have had their fun voicing Peter and the Wolf.) The show tells the story of a young boy who, although urged not to leave his grandfathers house, does so, and ventures into the meadow. It’s here he’s met with a pack of wolves and is forced to face some of his biggest fears. The essence is magical, with the team brining a musical adaption involving a six-piece band, puppetry and live videography. It’s like ‘the boy who cried wolf’ in full force. A story that everybody, no matter the age, should see.

Where: Herald Theatre, 50 Mayoral Drive, Auckland.
When: 9 November - 9 December.

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