All Of The Brunches You Should Be Eating In Auckland

By Martha Brooke
24th Mar 2017

All Of The Brunches You Should Be Eating In Auckland

Brunch is one of the only things worth leaving the shelter and comfort of your duvet fort for. And, as the weekend comes around, bringing with it activities, hangovers and those sacred lie-ins, our minds naturally turn to this worthy meal.

With brunching pretty much classed as an Olympic sport these days, Auckland is a strong contender for bringing home the gold (and the bacon!) and we couldn’t be prouder. For a handpicked selection of the best brunching spots around the city, check out our list and let the dribbling commence!

Little & Friday

Ponsonby, Belmont & Newmarket

Must-try: Crumpets with mascarpone, berry compote and Fred’s honeycomb.

Roll out of bed and straight through the door of Little & Friday for one heck of an uber-cool and uber-tasty brunch spot. FYI, do not leave without a doughnut in tow!



Must-try: Fungi.

With a new, spacious location full of vintage knick knacks, a-mazing artwork and boasting a warm and welcoming home away from home atmosphere, Crave is just the answer for you brunch obsessed bunch.

Winona Forever


Must-try: Jam on toast.

New kids on the block, Winona Forever have already made a lasting impression in Auckland’s brunching community. And, with some of the most Insta-worthy dishes under their belt, you know where you can find us this weekend!

Hello Friends & Allies


Must-try: Red velvet hotcakes.

Epsom are one lucky little ‘burb. With a brunch venue like Hello Friends & Allies on their doorstep that boasts pretty-as-a-picture dishes and flower-adorned everything, our weekends just got a whole lot better!

The Return Of Rad

Mt Eden

Must-try: Omelette exhibit ‘B’ complete with gorgonzola, prosciutto and vine ripened tomatoes.

Mount Eden hipster hotspot, RAD is a haven for all things coffee and brunch-tastic. Prepare to leave extremely full and happy and probably with a cold brew in tow (just because!) and a smile you just can’t seem to shake due to RAD’s good -ooking bunch of baristas!


City Works Depot

Must-try: Dark chocolate crepe.

Alongside the hopelessly effortless and gorgeous interior and plant-adorned, outdoor courtyard, Odettes also happen to serve up some of Auckland’s best brunches. For a peaceful and setting like no other, grab the gang and settle in for the afternoon.

Major Sprout

Auckland City

Must-try: Buttermilk pancakes with almond mascarpone, butterscotch, marshmallows and cotton candy.

Off Victoria St West, this is one place you’ll be glad you stumbled upon. With beautifully presented brunch and delicious tastes to match, we simply can’t get enough!


K Road

Must-try: Ricotta doughnuts with cinnamon sugar and white chocolate whip.

Residing in K’ Road’s St Kevin’s Arcade and giving us serious interior envy, lies Bestie. Not only are we star-struck with their decor choices, we’re also pretty obsessed with their food too. Whatever you choose, wash it down with a glass of home-made kombucha for serious brunch goals.



Must-try: Fernielea lamb mince on toast.

We may have just found the cutest brunch spot this side of town. Situated Coatesville and boasting the most fairytale-esque outdoor courtyard and country-style venue, Fernielea is a top choice for sure. Noted for creating 3D images in your coffee, order in a cup of the good stuff and see who will be joining you!

Dear Jervois

Herne Bay

Must-try: Matcha waffles.

If you haven’t heard of Dear Jervois you must have been hiding under a very boring and not so tasty rock. With a rustic and honest decor situation and all the goodness that you can shake your brunch stick at, we’re well and truly hooked!

Ceremony Company


Must-try: Smoked bacon, over easy egg, cheddar, caramelised onion, rocket and chipotle ketchup sandwich.

Famed for some of the best (if not the best!) sammies in Auckland, we couldn’t resist featuring the team at Ceremony Company. Perfectly packed with nothing but good stuff, grab one before they’re gone and team it with a hot cup of Joe for the perfect start to your day!

St Heliers Bay Cafe

St Heliers

Must-try: Almond milk bircher with nectarines and chia wafer.

What could be better than a scrummy, yummy brunch? Scrummy, yummy brunch with beach views of course! St Helier’s Bay Cafe & Bistro serve up nothing but deliciousness on the reg with a side order of sea breeze for all you lucky, lucky diners!

Cafe Cezanne


Must-try: Full English breakfast.

If the night before saw you dancing on tables with a Jagerbomb in each hand, drag yourself out of your pit in last night’s clothes and make your way to Cafe Cezanne. Order in the full English to refill your body with the nutrients it well and truly needs.


Auckland City

Must-try: Chia seed waffles with chocolate soil.

Newbies in town Pollen don’t know it yet, but they’re gonna be our new best brunch buds and quite possibly, yours too. If their chia seed waffles or open omelette are anything to go by, we can safely say that we are totally and utterly obsessed!


Mt Albert

Must-try: The Cambodian.

There’s no denying it, we are big fans of L’ oeuf. It’s cute, it’s worthy of an Insta pic or two and everything they serve manages to get our bellies rumbling and mouths dribbling!

Petit Bocal


Must-try: Breakfast bruschetta.

Adorned in draping fairy lights and with long, wooden shared tables and potted plants dotted around, Petit Bocal is simple yet super, super stunning. Order in one of their signature patterned coffees and prepare for a whole lotta ‘how did they do that?’s!’



Must-try: Banoffee brioche french toast.

Scrolling through Newmarket, Bambina’s Insta feed is like staring into a rainbow. Every single dish is full of everything vibrant and bold and we want it all! Topped with edible flowers amongst a host of all things delish, we can’t get enough.

Foxtrot Parlour


Must-try: Haloumi with slow roasted tomatoes, rocket and pesto on toast.

Although we could order absolutely everything in this Ponsonby Central cafe along with the entire ‘inject your own’ doughnuts selection, unfortunately our bellies would say otherwise. Reluctantly order just one dish (make it the haloumi!), sit along one of the shared wooden tables with coffee in hand and perfect your people watching skills!


Auckland City

Must-try: Crab, lemongrass, coconut, beansprout and coriander omelette.

Inside colourful and graffiti adorned walls lies one of the CBD’s best kept secrets. Chuffed is not only a hip and artsy hotspot, it’s also a great place to get your brunch on. You truly have  to sniff it out for yourself!

The Tannery

New Lynn

Must try: BBQ brisket bagel

Serving up a mighty fine selection of deliciously topped Best Ugly Bagels and all of the Kohu Road ice-cream you can fit on your spoon, The Tannery are certainly the place to be if you’re feeling a little naughty. Spread out in the spacious and industrial-style space and get ready to loosen those belt loops!

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Image credit: Lauren Matilda-Matthews at Winona Forever


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