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Your Guide To Everything Dutch In Auckland

By Esté Swanepoel
7th Aug 2019

Your Guide To Everything Dutch In Auckland

The Netherlands is a pretty tiny European nation, but the Dutch certainly know how to put on a feed. With a national cuisine ranging from chocolate sprinkles on toast (genius) to deep fried cheese (even genius-er) to the best fries you’ll ever have, Dutch cuisine is a carb-lover's delight. And Auckland’s surprisingly large Dutch community has made sure you can get a taste of the goods here in New Zealand.

Read on if you’re after something heerlik and lekker. Here’s our guide to all things Dutch in Auckland. 

Double Dutch Fries

Food Truck & Takapuna

For the past three years, food truck Double Dutch Fries has been bringing a taste of the Netherlands to Auckland’s street food scene. Serving up fresh-fried, hand-cut chips with a range of tasty toppings, Double Dutch have elevated the humble fry to an art form. Try their patat oorlog: a combo of Dutch mayo and homemade satay sauce, topped with finely chopped onions. It’ll blow your mind. Tired of having to track their truck down? Double Dutch also has a brand new store in the heart of Takapuna. They’ll be serving up the best fries in town, alongside other Dutch treats and superb coffee from Coffee Supreme.

Dutch Delight


For a truly immersive Netherlandian experience, check out Dutch Delight in Birkenhead. Banter with the friendly Dutch owner and stuff your face with poffertjes, appeltaart and frikandel. There's also a range of Dutch books for you to browse as you sip your Chocomel, plus a playroom for the kiddies. Dutch Delight even has a small selection of Dutch groceries, including hagelslag and dropje, so you can get some double salt action.

Go Dutch Delicatessen

Orewa & Henderson

Previously known as the Windmill shops, the Go Dutch Delicatessen stocks Auckland’s biggest range of imported Dutch goods, including cheese, licorice, coffee, sweets and heaps more. Pick up some muisjes to prettify your toast, or grab a box of boterkoek mix to try your hand at creating Dutch deliciousness yourself. Round off your basket with a couple of packets of speculaas and a hunk of cheese and you’re Gouda to go.

Auckland Dutch Market at Holland House


Holland House hosts a lovely little Dutch market on the second Saturday of every month. Nibble on some freshly made stroopwafels as you browse the Dutch treats and catch up with friends over a coffee. Holland House also hosts tons of events for Dutchies to meet and greet fellow lowlanders. Keep an eye out for their language classes, games nights and film nights. The deets are on their FB page. 

Montfoort Stroopwafels

Multiple Locations

If you’ve ever had the privilege of sampling a stroopwafel, you’ll know that few things compare to the pure sugary pleasure of a thin, crunchy waffle filled with gooey caramel. Wellington-based food truck Montfoort serves up some of the best stroopies around, and lucky for us, they deliver to our fair Auckland shores. Hit up the Kapiti Store and Daily Daily in town, or Ark Coffee in Takapuna, to get your hands on the sweet stuff.

Mercer Cheese Shop


The Dutch know a thing or two about cheese, and Dutchman Albert Alferink has brought their secrets to Kiwis and Dutchies alike at his shop in Mercer. The Mercer Cheese Shop opened in 1981 and has been specializing in traditional gouda, boerenkass, edam and heaps more ever since. All Albert's cheeses are crafted from scratch, by hand, and have earned him numerous awards over his lengthy career.

Cheese On Wheels


Let’s face it, Mercer’s a bit of a trek, so if you want the cheese to come to you, try tracking down Cheese On Wheels. They’re a regular at the Coatesville markets, stocking both imported and local cheeses. Get your paws on some classic cumin gouda and have a chat with the charming owners. The truck is decked out in the Netherlands’ national colour—orange—so there’s no way you can miss it.

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Image credit: Lydia Arnold

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