Auckland Has Unicorn Hot Chocolate (And Here’s Why You Need To Try It)

By Emma Pickles
2nd May 2017

Auckland Has Unicorn Hot Chocolate (And Here's Why You Need To Try It)

It may be getting into winter but that doesn’t mean that life has to be a bore.

Full of sprinkles, rainbows, and of course a tri-coloured unicorn horn, the legends at Dear Jervois have created a white-hot hot chocolate—perfect to bring a little sparkle to these chilly winter days.

This frothy, sweet, creamy, cloud-coloured drink will make you feel great in more ways than one.

Ask for the unicorn hot chocolate today to support a real magical creature, the Maui dolphin. Dear Jervois will be donating all of the profits to this worthy cause. 

There’s only 63 dolphins left. We have all brought them to the brink through unsustainable practices. You’ve got 63 days to save them with the added bonus of getting a sweet, sweet hot choccy. Don’t let the Maui dolphin become a myth like the unicorn.  

Big love to Dear Jervois for taking action.

You can also donate here.

The Deets

What: Unicorn hot chocolate
Where: Dear Jervois
Why: To save the critically endangered and native Maui dolphin!

Image credit: Emma Pickles

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