Auckland’s Best Raw Caramel Slice

By Bella Askelund
13th Jul 2017

raw caramel slice auckland

In terms of the slice game, there is one clear winner in our eyes and that is our good friend caramel. That decadent gooey goodness that sits on a crumbly base and finishes with an indulgent chocolatey topping is our idea of heaven. Whoever invented caramel slice, we seriously thank you! 

This was until our health based community took this creation and chucked out the sugar and the dairy, made it raw and told us it was good for us. It’s safe to say we fell even further in love (if that was possible). 

Just like you guys, we had our doubts at first. Using cashew nuts and dates to make a caramel is a hard concept to get used to… but if you’re anything like us, you’ll be sold after the first bite. This is why we have collated together a few of Auckland’s finest caramel slices that you need in your life, ASAP!

The Raw Kitchen

City Works Depot

The infamous Raw Kitchen caramel slice is quite possibly the best thing we’ve ever tasted. Owner of this cute cafe, Olivia Scott, began her career as a raw ‘baker’ down at Parnell’s La Cigale Markets. Her intricate cakes, smoothies and slices are sure to satisfy even the best of foodies and convert the most hesitant of raw food eaters. 

Gather Wholefoods Café


This gem is tucked away in the Northern Arena of Silverdale but sports the most heavenly of health foods. From crunchy cinnamon and maple granola to loaded pulled pork bagels served on homemade paleo buns, Gather Wholefoods Cafe is a surefire shot for the whole family. Nestled in the cabinet amongst an array of treats is their vegan caramel slice. A popular choice amongst the north-shore regulars; it’s a more traditional tasting slice in comparison to other raw options.

Little Bird Unbakery


The caramel slice at Little Bird Unbakery is only one of many decadent treats that tick off all the boxes—they’re organic, dairy free, sugar free, have no refined sugars and are entirely raw. The caramel is perfectly creamy with a thinner chocolate top and a heavenly base. Rich in flavour, if you have any willpower this is a smart one to save half for later. We’re also big fans of the cacao raspberry brownie and the spicy ginger slice!

Wise Cicada Café


This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the beautiful selection of treats from our Newmarket-based friends at Wise Cicada Café. With a forever-growing menu that includes vegan sushi, warming turmeric tofu bowls and a wide range of organic salads, the team also get an A for sweet treats. It’s hard to choose, but as usual, you can’t go wrong with their decadent caramel. Another favourite is the Anzac cookie half dipped in chocolate, it’s the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

Cafe Mimosa


It’s technically not slice, but it definitely deserves a mention. Cafe Mimosa rocks a raw salted caramel doughnut (yes doughnut!!) amongst other flavours, such as double chocolate, white chocolate and raspberry. This Takapuna gem is nestled along the hustle and bustle of the main road but once inside, you feel tucked away from any rush. It’s the perfect spot to relax over a mug of your favourite coffee and snack on an indulgent sweet treat.

Sip Kitchen

Newmarket / Rosedale

Entering the food market with a bang is the incredible Sip Kitchen. Situated in Newmarket and Rosedale, this food haven has gifted us with some of the finest vegan slices. Even better—you can opt for a $2 bite sized slice as opposed to the full whammy! One of our favourite ways to welcome the afternoon is with one of these natural sugar hits. Other favourites include the raw Oreo cookie and the mini Jaffa cheesecake—yum!)

The deets:

Image credit: Jaiden Bhaga at The Raw Kitchen

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