Auckland’s 25 Best Fat Feeds

By Olivia Atkinson
13th Jan 2016

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No matter how leanly and greenly you nourish your bod, it’s sometimes necessary to get down and dirty with a well-deserved #cheatmeal. Or, in other cases, a mammoth burger is the only thing that will mask the pain of a break-up, that time of the month, or the fact that Auckland’s summer weather just ain’t pulling through. 

Whether you’re a cheesy, greasy, gooey, chocolately, or sugary guy or gal, you’ll find something to treat (or heal) yo’self with in our epic list of Auckland’s best fat feeds.

Push the salad aside, you’ve got some serious eating to do! 

  1. Grab a spoon and sink it into the decadent gooey baked chocolate cookie dough dessert at Big Fish Eatery.
  2. So you love poutine and you love burgers? Al’s Deli have created a glorious food mashup known as the Poutine Burger.
  3. Chicken! Waffles! Chicken AND waffles. Try them at Orleans.
  4. Demolish a metre of Toto’ Pizza. Go on, we dare ya.
  5. Order a plate of greasy pan-fried dumplings from Barilla and don’t share.
  6. Yet to experience the wonder of the Chimichanga? Head to Big J’s for burgers and a deep-fried Mexican burrito.
  7. Miss Clawdy’s fried chicken is actually addictive. You’ve been warned.
  8. Coreano makes fries a whole lot more delicious with pulled pork, kimchi cheese and sour cream.
  9. How does a rack of confit BBQ pork ribs with chunkies from Deep Creek Brewing Co sound?
  10. Get some mozzarella dippers and slurp your way through the 69 milkshake flavours at Grill & Shakes.
  11. Crispy, savoury pancakes oozing with cheese and other goodies don’t get much better than at No.1 Pancake.
  12. Dessert for breakfast is legit when it’s the Geeks On Sainsbury’s bananas and granola waffles… complete with maple peanut butter, caramel and vanilla ice cream.
  13. Single-handedly smash a bowl of onion pakora (sliced onion dipped in chickpea batter and fried to perfection) at Paradise.
  14. Hit up The COD Father for a classic dose of battered fish ‘n’ chips.
  15. If you’re picky with where you collect your calories, look no further than The Conservatory and their massive pizzas.
  16. Occasionally A Wild, Saucy Threesome is what you need. Miss Moonshine’s serve three desserts on a tray, for your excessive eating pleasure.
  17. Choose Mummy Chicken with a pile of flaky roti and you’ll be one happy diner at KK Malaysian.
  18. Build the spaghetti and meatball masterpiece of your dreams at Bedford Soda & Liquor. Eat with a side of cheesy bacon tater tots.
  19. Put on ya bib for the meaty goodness at Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen. Their Smokehouse meats come with slaw, flat bread, mac ‘n’ cheese, Boston beans and house made BBQ sauce.
  20. It’s impossible to say no to Chop Chop’s super mega ramen. Fact.
  21. The Mexican Cafe’s extra special nachos are indeed extra special. Generous on the cheese and guac front, too.
  22. Find out what happens when cake meets ice cream with a whoopie pie sundae at Whoopi.
  23. Depot’s slow-cooked pork hock (crackling included) is truly a masterpiece.
  24. Wrap your mouth around a croque monsieur at Petit Bocal. Knocks ham and cheese toasties out of the park.
  25. Little & Friday’s doughnut’s will always have a special place in our hearts (and appetites). No fat feed expedition should occur without them.  

You know what else you need to tackle this year? Our list of 50 Meals You Should Have Eaten If You Live In Auckland.  

Image credit: Peden + Munk via bon appetit 

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