Where To Find The Best Acai Bowls In Auckland

By Urban List Writers
24th Sep 2019

Acai bowl, Auckland’s Best Acai Bowls

Auckland’s acai bowl obsession is something that doesn’t seem to fade. Since we’re always on the lookout for Auckland’s best, here are the top acai bowls you should add to your health kick—these superfood, super-smoothie concoctions are exactly what breakfast dreams are made of.​

Auckland’s best acai bowls come in all different shapes and sizes. The purple silky goodness can be topped with everything from crunchy granola clusters and cacao nibs to fresh and freeze-dried fruit, and all sorts to edible tid-bits. It’s kinda like eating ice cream for breakfast and with so many amazing acai bowls in Auckland, it’s about time you start tackling this list.

Without further ado, here are Auckland’s best acai bowls—and don’t forget to get a snap for the ‘gram.

The Botanist

City Works Depot

One of Auckland’s best acai bowls just so happens to live in one of Auckland’s prettiest cafes. The Botanist keeps things simple but the outcome is something oh-so delicious. Their acai bowls are dotted with a generous helping of granola and blueberries, dusted with LSA (superfood, FTW), roasted coconut threads, sliced banana and more teensy tiny balls of sweetness aka. blueberries. Yep, this is really one of the best acai bowls in Auckland. Go try it and you’ll understand why.

Major Sprout

Auckland City

Acai bowls are loved for many reasons. Not only are they happiness in a bowl, they’re well and truly almost too beautiful to eat. This doesn’t ring more true than with Major Sprout’s Auckland-famous acai bowl. We’re talking a gorgeous creation with swirls of coconut cream, colourful flowers (edible, of course), toasted nuts for texture, seasonal fruit and all sorts of other goodies. Its contents change depending on what’s available, but you can be sure that you’ll be presented with a form of edible art. It’s no wonder it’s in the running for being one of Auckland’s best acai bowls.

Misters Real Food

Auckland City

We love anything that rolls with the seasons and Misters Real Food’s acai bowl is no exception. This hot spot carries their wholefoods philosophy through everything they do, including their impressive brekkie menu. A smoothie base of organic acai, blueberries, raspberries and banana is a delight, but it’s the topping that gets us going (and gives it a place as one of Auckland’s best acai bowls). Think fresh seasonal fruit, raw granola, chia seeds and coconut snow. We’ll take one every morning, thanks.

Goodlife Juice Company

Auckland City

This hole-in-the-wall Fort Street juice bar has your early morning acai bowl cravings covered. Goodlife Juice Company offer not one but two acai bowls and they’re both stellar. For a traditional acai bowl experience, get amongst the authentic acai. This tasty treat brings together organic acai, guarana (a natural dose of energy to jump-start your day), banana and homemade granola. Or, perhaps the mixed berry acai bowl will tickle your taste buds? Think acai, blueberries, boysenberries, banana and cashew milk blending into a smooth concoction then topped with crunchy granola. Our advice? Try both!

Remedy Coffee

Auckland City

Loved by city-slickers and hungry students alike, Remedy Coffee is cosy enough to park up for the morning to get some study in, or catch up with mates. Their vegan and gluten-free acai bowl is a staple once the days get warmer. Made with frozen acai berries, blended with creamy banana and topped with granola and fresh fruit, it's packed full of natural sweetness and antioxidants. Pair it with one of their matcha lattes, and you'll feel good from the inside out. 

Little Bird Organics


An acai bowl a day keeps the doctor away...right? Little Bird, the leaders of Auckland’s raw revolution, have got this acai bowl thing down pat. But what makes it one of the best acai bowls in Auckland? These clever kids use heaps of acai pulp to create a gorgeous mahogany colour and a super tangy taste. It’s then finished with sliced banana, a sprinkle of “grawnola” and a scrumptious coconut yoghurt. It’s jam-packed with antioxidant berry goodness that your body will thank you for. 

Bowl & Arrow


This gem specialises in smoothie bowls, so if you’re a smoothie bowl fanatic, you’re probably going to want to get there ASAP (like, yesterday). Bowl & Arrow’s menu features seven smoothie bowls made with the likes of peanut butter, dates, mango, passionfruit, and other scrumptious ingredients, but it’s the acai bowl we’re talking about—it’s one of the best acai bowls in Auckland. It’s called The Brazilian and combines acai, banana, and 100 percent pure maple syrup for a sweet, sweet start to your day.

Cali Press


Inspired by a trip to LA, this Sydney-born smoothie bowl heaven is right here at Cali Press. Skip the menu and go straight for the Orginal Chill'd Bowl, with a base of coconut water, acai, mango and banana. The toppings are what Cali Press are famous for—their Cali superfood granola, banana, passionfruit, strawberry are piled high to add the perfect sweetness and crunch to the bowl. It doesn't stop there, with a sprinkling of goji berries and coconut to add the superfood kick, Cali Press' acai has it all going on. 

Sip Kitchen


Sip Kitchen’s beverage selection is off the chain. For starters, there’s 12 (TWELVE!) types of smoothies to choose from as well as good-for-you hot choccies and those colourful lattes. But since we need something a bit more substantial to fill our bellies, it’s their acai bowl we gravitate towards. It has all the makings of one of Auckland’s best acai bowls and is topped with our faves—granola, seasonal fruit, berries and coconut. If you're a central city slicker, they have an outpost in Newmarket so you can get your Sip acai fix without the trip to the shore. 

The Smoothie Bowl


If you’re going to call yourself ‘The Smoothie Bowl’, you better produce a damn delicious smoothie bowl. Thankfully, this Takapuna joint does just that. Their acai berry smoothie bowl aka. The Down Under contains a few tasty surprises. It's made with raspberries, banana, acai, peanut butter (yaaass!), honey and coconut cream then decorated with with tropical granola, chia seed, coconut and fresh seasonal fruit. We’re not at all surprised that this creation is quickly becoming one of the best acai bowls in Auckland.

Paper Moon

Mairangi Bay

Another Shore gem serving up one of the best acai bowls in Auckland is the legendary Paper Moon. It’s an antioxidant-loaded berry smoothie piled high with seasonal fruit, toasted coconut, mixed grain and organic agave syrup. Try and get a table in the sunshine and get your daily dose of Vit D with one of the healthiest breakfast dishes in town.

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Image credit: Melissa Walker Horn

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