Auckland’s Best Asian Desserts

By Martha Brooke
6th Jun 2017

Dumplings are just one part of Asian cuisine that we go crazy for...along with ramen, sushi and oodles of noodles, of course! With this in mind and with chopsticks in hand, we thought it was about time we created a list of Auckland’s best Asian desserts.

From banoffee dumplings to fried apple wontons, we have it all!



Ebisu is one of Britomart's most sleek and stylish eateries. With equally exquisite food to match, your dining experience will be nothing short of sophisticated and scrummy. Dining on the likes of tuna tartar, karage chicken and much, much more, we urge you to save room for their incredible Asian-inspired sweet treats. With ice cream and sorbet choices like chocolate tofu, miso vanilla, coconut soy and green tea, we might just have to take the lot. If ice cream ain’t your jam, then why not go for the sake tiramisu or, better yet, the entire contents of the dessert platter?! Share by your own accord!

Mekong Baby


Mekong Baby are renowned for their flavourful and fiery dishes and lip-smackingly good cocktail list and frankly, we can’t get enough. Although we could happily fill our bellies with the likes of their spiced lamb ribs or kingfish sashimi, we can’t help but save room for their coconut sago pud. Served up with vanilla ice cream and puffed black rice, it’s the perfect end to an amazing Asian feast!

Woodpecker Hill


With culinary genius Che Barrington at the helm of Woodpecker Hill it comes at no surprise  he has conjured up an incredible range of sweet items. If you can take your eyes off the gigantic clam shell lights, copper-infused decor and the rest of the deep, oaky interior, divert your gaze to the dessert side of the menu for even more amazement. The sticky black rice with coconut ice cream, honeycomb, chocolate and banana is the ultimate taste sensation!

Tucks And Bao


Fairly new to Auckland’s vast and impressive Asian food scene, Tucks And Bao have already managed to make a stellar impression amongst foodies. With an emphasis on bold and fiery street food and cult classics, Tucks and Bao have put their very own creative spin on their  menu. Reaching for the dessert menu won’t leave you disappointed either. We’re talking their signature ‘bao-nut’, obviously. Crossing a traditional bao with our favourite doughnut, this hybrid of deliciousness is stuffed with vanilla bean ice cream and rolled in sugar and drizzled with chocolate sauce! Yes please!

Cafe Hanoi


Where better to satisfy your cravings than at the established and delicious Britomart eatery of Cafe Hanoi?  With a focus on traditional, classic dishes, their dessert offerings tick all of the boxes. Their pandan panna cotta is packed with subtle flavours of aromatic cardamom in their gooey minty marshmallow and served with a strawberry jus. If you have even more room, (lucky you!) you must end your evening with a hot soy doughnut sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and drizzled in caramel sauce!

XUXU Dumpling


With a focus on all things dumpling and cocktail related, we don’t need to tell you how good an evening spent at XUXU Dumpling is gonna be, but we will anyway. Delicately hand-crafted and stuffed with love and flavour, each morsel packs a punch and will have you working your way through the menu all night. If you find yourself after something to tickle your sweet tooth but can’t look past the delectable dumplings, the geniuses at XUXU have two—yes two—sweet dumpling options! Choose either chocolate fondant with a sweet pumpkin pastry or banoffee with salted caramel for ultimate foodie heaven!

Madame George

Karangahape Road

Residing on Karangahape Road and churning out dish after dish of amazing Asian food to adoring visitors, Madame George are certainly making all of our delicious dreams come true. Sure, we could happily fill ourselves with cheeseburger wontons (yup, you heard correctly!) along with Taiwanese popcorn chicken but there’s only one little thing on our minds. Fried apple wontons. These tasty morsels are brimming with subtle spices along with hot, sticky poached apples and are served with coconut ice cream and candied coconut, for even more top-notch tastiness!



Artwok is one of Takapuna’s best Chinese restaurants and, with dish after dish of deliciousness being served to lucky patrons, you are going to want to save room for dessert, trust us. The geniuses behind Artwok’s incredible food also serve up deep fried ice cream. Yup, you read that correctly. We don’t know how they’ve done it but we aren’t complaining. Theatrical and amazing, this bad boy is served up with smooth butterscotch sauce and coconut for a real knock-your-socks-off sweet surprise!



Tucked away down a cobbled brick lane, away from prying eyes and salivating mouths is Milse, Britomart’s answer to sweet treat nirvana. Delicately presented in a large glass cabinet, out front you’ll find immaculate and dainty macarons boasting exquisite flavour combinations and colours. Down the narrow, dimly-lit corridor, take a seat and ponder over the a la carte menu as the pastry chefs set to work in the open kitchen. For a complete slice of Asia, order in the matcha green tea dessert and await your edible artwork. Beautifully presented and featuring the likes of apple and ginger, amongst soft, buttery choux pastry, your very own matcha masterpiece is flavourful, completely complementing of tastes and ever so pretty!

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Image Credit: Mekong Baby

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