Auckland’s Best Barre Classes

By Nina Franklin
27th Sep 2017

Aucklands Best Barre Classes

Summer is well on its way…… fiiiiiinally! And no pressure guys but it’s time to get your shit together and get back on that fitness kick! Bikini season is slowly creepin’ up on us and who really wants to look like a beached whale while you’re frolicking in the sun? (Not us!)

Not much of a gym person? That’s OK, there are plenty of great alternatives to help whip your butt back into shape. So put down that cheeseburger and pick up a salad, swap that beer for a water and ditch the bar for a barre class because it’s time to get physical.

Read on to find out about the best barre classes in Auckland. Take our word for it, after a few of these sessions your bod will be looking tight and toned and ready for summer in no time!

Barre Figure


Barre Figure is a chic, boutique fitness studio in Ponsonby, and is a top pick of ours. Owned and run by Marysa, who began dancing at six years old and later went on to become a member of the Royal New Zealand Ballet. Marysa and her team are the absolute best of the best and have all had many years of experience in the dance industry. Barre Figure incorporates ballet barre, Pilates, yoga and strength training into all of their classes. So, it’s no surprise that when you attend one of their 60-minute barre classes you leave feelin’ completely worked out from top to toe.

Abundance Mind And Body

Queen Street

Dedicated to “bringing out that inner ballerina in you.” Abundance Mind And Body's barre beautiful classes are 45-60 minutes long and are suitable from beginner to advanced. They’ll guide you through a well-rounded class that focuses on breathing, posture, flexibility, toning and core strengthening with a variety of exercises. All while gaining confidence and great posture!

Xtend Barre


Situated on Surrey Crescent, Xtend Barre classes incorporate elegant yet energetic movements that promise to get your blood pumping. The classes focus on challenging the core and improving flexibility and balance. They also offer a 45 minute “express” class which you can do in your lunch break. So convenient!

Shine Pilates


This studio is perfect for you South Aucklanders who don’t feel like commuting into the city. Situated in Pukekohe, Shine Pilates recommends you begin with their “STOTT Pilates” class first, then move on to the total barre session to add on to the “next layer of your Pilates journey.” By blending Pilates, dance, cardio and strength training targeting arms, legs and core. These classes will tone you up and strengthen your body, while you have so much fun doing it.

Auckland Academy Of Adult Ballet


If you want to be trained by the best of the best in dance, then where better than to attend the Auckland Academy of Adult Ballet and take one of their barre classes. They promise you’ll be shaking like a bowl of Jello! They incorporate light weights, resistance bands and a soft exercise balls into their exercises for added impact. All while improving your mind-body connection and helping you lose weight—bonus!

Image Credit: Barrefigure

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