Auckland’s Best Chocolate Desserts

By Olivia Atkinson
4th Dec 2015

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Chocoholics, listen up! If you’re all about chocolaty treats, then this is the article for you. You’ll also understand that nothing will ever stop us from satisfying our sweet tooth with Auckland’s best chocolate desserts. From rich chocolate gateaux and ice cream creations to patisserie treats and hot choc, we’ve found the best chocolate desserts in Auckland, because life is so much better with frequent doses of cocoa. 

Goodnight Cocoa


Must try: Hot Cocoa & S’mores

Oh so simple but oh so good. The hot choc cocoa and s’more combo from pop-up stall, Goodnight Cocoa won a place in our hearts a while ago, and we still can’t get enough of the stuff. Their rich cocoa concoction is batch brewed using ethically sourced dark Dominican cocoa, coconut, milk and vanilla. Paired with an enormous oozy s’more, it’s utter bliss. 

Chocolate Boutique


Must try: Death By Chocolate 

What a way to go! The Chocolate Boutique is an Auckland dessert institution with a ridiculous selection of chocolate-centric goodies. We say ridiculous because you’re likely to get decision anxiety, order too much, and slip away into a full-fledged chocolate coma. Death By Chocolate = chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream, cream, more chocolate mousse, hot fudge sauce, a chocolate decoration AND a chocolate fishy. Best of luck with demolition. 


Auckland CBD

Must try: Valrhona Chocolate, Tonka Bean and Sea Salted Caramel Gelato Cake 

A rather large handful of Auckland’s most impressive, decadent desserts live at Miann. This Fort Street dessert restaurant (yep, a restaurant dedicated to desserts—hallelujah!) is home to a chocolate, tonka bean and sea salted caramel gelato cake. It’s really something else. 

Burger Burger


Must try: White Chocolate Macadamia and Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich 

Chocolate ice cream’s great, chocolate ice cream sandwiched between cookies is even better. Burger Burger takes Kohu Road chocolate ice cream and crams it between two chewy Little & Friday white chocolate macadamia cookies—the ideal finale to a burger and potato skin feed. 

Sweet Val’s Ice Cream


Must try: Chocolate Coconut Rough Ice Cream with Cocao Nibs and ‘Chocolate Fush’ Sauce

Yeah, yeah, it’s a bit of a mouthful, however this Sweet Val’s creation is practically made for all you chocolate lovers. The ice cream is egg, dairy and gluten-free (AND vegan) and served with chocolate and raspberry sauce—you’ll be one happy chocaholic. 



Must try: Anything made with chocolate

Milse makes it incredibly hard to single out just one of their chocolate desserts as the best. Therefore, we recommend you try them all. The petit gateaux are heavenly, our favourite being the 62% Satilia, orange, vanilla and hazelnut. If you’re a white chocolate fan, the white chocolate, Brenton Sable (a French shortbread) and rhubarb tart might be your new favourite dessert. 


Auckland CBD

Must try: Chocolate Evolution 

Giapo, you never fail to impress. If you’re into chocolate, you won’t be able to go past this Chocolate Evolution creation. It includes three types of 70% cocoa chocolate and a bunch of other evolutionary chocolate toppings, which you’ll have to go find out yourself! Mwah ha ha ha. 

Ponsonby Road Bistro


Must try: Valrhona Chocolate Pudding

Warm chocolate pudding, rich chocolate sauce and a dollop of crème fraiche… now we’re talkin’. This dessert from Ponsonby Road Bistro is a classic dessert and one you’ll want to get in your mouth ASAP. 



Must try: Choco- Brûlée 

Sonia Haumonté is a genius. Her Choco-Brûlée cake must be ordered three days in advance but is 100% worth the wait. You’ll be treated to a beautiful, glossy cake made with chocolate almond sponge, Valrhona dark chocolate mousse, vanilla crème brûlée and praline crisps. Sonia is a Kiwi but trained in Paris (and married to a Frenchman!) so expect something special when you visit Vaniyé

Philippe’s Chocolate

Grey Lynn

Must try: Royal Chocolate Mousse 

If you haven’t been to Philippes’ Chocolate, get there, pronto. A Royal Chocolate Mousse awaits— joconde biscuit, layers of crispy feuilletine (wafer flakes but better) and a whole lotta chocolate mousse.

OKO Dessert Kitchen

Auckland CBD 

Must try: The Chocolate Balloon 

For a beautiful, slightly theatrical dessert experience, look no further than OKO. Their ‘balloon’ comprises of a chocolate shell, mango gel, passion fruit sponge and coconut air. Did we mention that you pour hot chocolate into the middle and smoke appears? Well, you do and it’s awesome. 

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Image credit: Milse

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