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Auckland’s Best Chocolate Shops

By Georgia Jayne Young
14th Feb 2018

Auckland’s Best Chocolate Shops

Chocolate, sweet chocolate, you’re what dreams are made of. Sweet, rich, creamy, you’re the perfect food and  we you for adore it. And, what could be better than spending the morning, or afternoon, or evening (or anytime for that matter) strolling through a shop dedicated to none other than chocolate? Nothing, that’s what. That’s why we have done all you chocolate lovers a huge favour a listed the best chocolate shops in Auckland, so you can add a lil’ chocolaty goodness into your day. You’re welcome.

Chocolate Boutique Café


The mother ship of chocolate shop-come-cafes in our humble opinion is Chocolate Boutique Café. We love this adorable, cosy shop which boasts a cabinet with a selection of more than 100 handmade chocolates, truffles, liqueur, non-liqueur, nutty rochers and pralines. If your mouth isn’t watering yet, it will be once you see the extensive chocolaty cafe menu which features all the drinks, desserts, waffles and sundaes your heart could possibly desire. Our recommendation? The Italian denso with chilli.

Devonport Chocolates


Just a short drive or ferry away sits Devonport Chocolates where you can shop, taste and even watch the chocolatiers creating their works of art through a window. This little shop is known for its figures, animals, shoes and even smart phones made from nothing but silky smooth chocolate. Not into chocolate shaped ‘things’? No problem, they have an extensive range of glorious chocolates perfect for gifts or just a sneaky treat for yourself. We are not alone in saying that their Marlborough Caramel is sensational.

Bohemian Fresh Chocolates

Auckland City

Located in the Auckland CBD, Bohemian Fresh Chocolates is on of Auckland's best chocolate shops and the perfect place to indulge in a little afternoon pick me up. Not only do they sell beaut chocolate, they actually offer totally affordable classes to teach you how to make them yourself, umm, yes please! Become your own chocolatier with either private classes for groups or head along to one of their classes open to the public. Don’t forget to share!

House Of Chocolate

Beach Haven

The products at House of Chocolate are next-level gorgeous—not to mention mouth-wateringly tasty. I mean, we’re talking about peanut butter and raspberry jelly; banana and honeycomb or raspberry, cacao and hazelnut white chocolate bar...and that’s just the bars, people!  Plus they do customised chocolates for brands and special occasions. Why not celebrate that milestone with your own personalised chocolates? Count us in!

Colestown Chocolates


The beautiful artisan chocolates at Colestown Chocolates are produced by hand in small batches using only the finest ingredients which you can taste in every single, indulgent bite. Not only do they taste incredible, but they are also so pretty you almost won’t want to eat them (we said, almost!). Some of our absolute favourites include the passionfruit marshmallow, pink champagne truffle and the blackberry heart as well as pretty much everything else they offer.

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge

Sylvia Park, St Lukes, Botany Downs

If you have never taken a mid-shopping chocolate break then who even are you? Seriously. The convenient locations are one of the obvious reasons we love Theobroma. The other reasons include the tasty chocolate menu on offer (did someone say fondue??), the ready-to-go boxes packed full of colourful treats and of course the cabinet filled with unique and delicious chocolates that you can hand pick for yourself. 

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Image Credit: Federica Portentoso 

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