Auckland’s Best Gourmet Burgers

By Rachel Pool
1st Jun 2016

Auckland’s Best Gourmet Burgers

Fact: not all burgers are created equal. While some are chucked together, others are made in a more thoughtful fashion. If you’re wanting to try out the latter, we’ve tracked down the best gourmet burgers in Auckland. From the simple to be sophisticated, here’s a gourmet burger line-up you’ll be chomping at the bit to get your gob around. 


Mt Eden 

Vegetarian burgers often get a bad rap. Most of the time that’s entirely justified, but Ralph’s is here to set you all straight. Not just veggie, but vegan even, the Vegan Mac is out to burn all those who believe the meat is thy burger. If this beautiful creation with their famous vegan mac sauce doesn’t steer you clear of the golden arches for life, then we don’t know what will. Did we mention it comes with your choice of naughty or nice side? Curly fries or slaw…we’ll let you decide which is which. If the whole no meat thing is pushing the boat out a little too far for your tastes, we can confirm the classic beef n’ cheese, fried chicken and pork belly creations are equally delightful. 



If you’re more a knife and fork kind of burger eater (although we strongly advise against it for the high risk of looking like a numpty), you’ll love Ostro’s classic beef burger. But don’t go thinking you’re in for some delicate little number. This beasty burger is filled with fresh lettuce, pickled radish, smoked cheese and jalapeños for a bit of a kick. It’s all perfectly married together by a sweet tomato jam and sandwiched in a demi brioche bun.

Judge Bao

Food Stall 

Ok, so strictly speaking it’s a bao, not a burger. But a world with strict rules about burgers isn’t a world we like the sound of living in, so it makes the cut. Plus, Judge Bao’s steamed bun is cut the whole way through so it’s really not bao as we traditionally know it either. Either way it’s here, and deservedly so. This pop-up eatery’s bao/burgers/whatevers are insane and it’s definitely worth stalking their social pages to find out where the food stall will be next. Our top pick is the Sloppy Po with Sichuan peppercorn tofu. Although the Little Eddie with its perfectly rendered slab of pork belly ain’t too shabby either. 

Burger Burger

Multiple Locations

It wouldn’t be an article about Auckland burgers if we didn’t mention Burger Burger. With a level of consistency all-too-often missing, and simple ingredients just done bloody well, Burger Burger soars in our gourmet burger books. The five staples feature fresh ingredients, great sauces and meat (or fish or veggies) cooked to perfection. These classics are all masterpieces in their own right, especially the fish, which has really stepped up the fish-burg game since the company expanded with Fish Fish. Now with three Auckland outposts, Burger Burger is set for city-wide domination and we couldn’t be more on board. 



While a burger for breakfast may typically conjure up memories of midmorning drive-thrus for most, Ceremony’s signature burgers will leave those memories where they belong. These loaded and slightly sloppy numbers may just be our new hangover cure of choice. The number two takes the cake there, ticking every hungover human’s boxes. Think meat (juicy pork and fennel sausage), egg (an over-easy fried one), cheese (straight cheddar), crunch (fresh slaw) and a bit of spice (sriracha mayo). Coming in an Il Forno fresh brioche bun that does its best to soak up all that gooeyness and prevent egg-yolk covered forearms (slightly unsuccessfully but we’ll roll with it). 


Auckland City

This one’s bound to be controversial to burger purists due to the slider size. A slider is a burger, people—albeit a very small one. Sometimes less is more and that’s certainly the case at Depot. It’s just four simple things—a light and buttery bun, fresh hapuka, salty and tangy preserved lemon mayo, and a slight crunch with watercress. Don’t let the little size fool you, these little ones pack a flavour punch far beyond their weight. That said, you’ll certainly want to order another plate for round two.  



For the purists who were mighty indignant about the last pick, you get to read on in comfort. This beauty’s a classic in every aspect. Say hello to a perfectly cooked chunky patty, gherkins, a wedge of iceberg, onion and oozing swiss cheese. Paired with chunky chips, all you burger enthusiasts will be ecstatic about this big boy rounding off the list. It must be washed down with one of Hallertau’s home brews. Naturally. 

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Image credit: Hallertau 

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