Auckland’s Best Halloumi Everything

By Albert Cho
22nd May 2018

Best Halloumi Dishes Auckland

Let’s be honest. If we see halloumi on a menu, we’re going to order it. Slices of salty, squeaky deliciousness can take a dish from 0 to 100 and we can’t get enough of it. A halloumi fiend yourself? Great news. We’ve found the best halloumi dishes in Auckland. Go forth and feast. 


Auckland CBD

They’re made to share but you’ll want a whole halloumi pizza to yourself as it’s just that good. If halloumi wasn’t enough cheese for you, Vivace also add mozzarella to make this experience even more ooey and gooey. Other toppings consist of juicy spicy pork sausage and mushrooms. If pizza ain’t really your thing and you like to keep your halloumi more OG, Vivace do a seared Zany Zeus halloumi with harissa potatoes, roasted mushrooms, smoked beetroot puree and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Ima Cuisine

Auckland CBD

Ima Cuisine has made a name for themselves for being one of the only bakeries that serve the kouign-amann, their infamous hot cross buns with vanilla bean custard and ability to cook up a Mediterranean feast. Ima Cuisine do the most epic platters of meats, breads and fresh salads and they also serve up a big, beautiful plate of fried halloumi which is enhanced with a sprinkle of fresh mint leaves. It’s cheese simplicity at its finest and elevates your Mediterranean meal to a whole new level.

Dear Jervois

Herne Bay

Home of some of the yummiest waffles in town, Dear Jervois, have done it again. They have added all our favourite bagel toppings to one and it’s one of the most magical creations that will satisfy any bagel craving. It’s got it all guys, let us explain to you what it consists of. The halloumi bagel includes freshly sliced tomato, a generous layer of cream cheese, a huge dollop of smashed avocado, basil pesto and more fresh basil leaves sprinkled on top.

Winona Forever


Renowned for their beautiful presentation and sweet cabinet treats, Winona Forever in Parnell don’t fool around when it comes down to the savoury game either. The Hello Me Bowl is a bowl of balance and health and tastes mighty fine. On a bed of kale, seasonal greens, cherry tomatoes are scattered around along with some avocado, sprinkled with vinaigrette, cream fraiche, toasted seeds and the real game changer – fried tempura halloumi! Healthy eating has never tasted so good.

The Tannery

New Lynn

The Tannery in New Lynn are all about serving simplicity at its finest. The Tannery don’t have a huge menu but everything they do doesn’t rate anything below a 10/10. Their halloumi bagels are really something else here. The halloumi is grilled to absolute perfection to be soft but give a little bite back and is complemented with some onion jam. Have this with one of their coffees as they roast their own coffee every week to ensure the best cuppa jo!

Honey Café


Have you ever had halloumi and green peas together? Well trust us when we say that it’s a bomb combination and Honey Café are the ones responsible for our new obsession. Their fritter cakes have got halloumi inside with mashed peas and are complimented with spiced tomato, mint yogurt, sweet mango chutney, perfectly cooked poached egg and free ranged bacon. This is what we call ‘breakfast of champions’!


St. Mary's Bay

Looking at Mary’s menu, it seems to be like they like halloumi as much as we do as they have incorporated it in to so many of their dishes. The tofu and halloumi sandwich may have a beautiful avo rose on top, but it’s the halloumi that draws us in. It’s made complete with watercress, home-style pickle for that extra kick and aioli. Another one of our faves is their steak and halloumi sandwich. A medium rare steak with pesto, smokey grilled halloumi cheese, yes please.

Fish Smith

Herne Bay

We’re borderline obsessed with Fish Smith’s tacos and burgers and of course their range of fish and chips. Come on, their fish is tender and the batter is cooked to perfection, how could you not love this eatery? But when we found out that panko-crumbed halloumi was available, our attention switched to that. Deep-fried cheese is a glorious thing and we’re lucky enough that Fish Smith has blessed us with this work of art. Crispy on the outside and got, soft and moreish halloumi on the inside, it truly is amazing.

Federal Delicatessen

Auckland CBD

If you call yourself an Auckland foodie, you would’ve found yourself at this eatery, chowing down some poutine fries and sweet pies once or twice…or maybe a hundred times. Branch out and make the effort to get there early in the morning to try their breakfast menu. The Fed’s Morning Glory dish is a healthy breakfast salad with halloumi, Portobello mushrooms, poached egg, quinoa and dukkah. Pair that with a bottomless cup of filtered black coffee and you can take on the day by storm.

Andy’s Burgers & Bar

Auckland CBD

Frying up some of the best grub in town with their burgers, chicken wings and milkshakes, Andy’s Burgers & Bar don’t go light of their side options. Halloumi fries and tapioca sticks, drizzled with dark molasses and Andy’s secret sweet chilli jam. These fries go down a treat and they’ll just leave you wanting more so to save the hassle, just order two lot of them to begin with! We also recommend getting some truffle mayo to dip these bad boys in to, it makes it seriously too good for words.

Odettes Eatery

City Works Depot

Sophisticated, elegant, classy and tasty are a few words to explain Odettes Eatery. Owners, Clare and Joost have been making waves in the café scene since their early days at Zeus & Zo, Zomer and now Odettes and Hugo’s Bistro. Obviously all their cafés and eateries have been successful as they know what tastes good and that includes halloumi. Herbed scramble, broccolini, date chutney and grilled halloumi on a slice of Midnight Baker bread is just one of the breakfast masterpieces Odettes have on offer.

The Store


Cafés are notorious for underestimating the power of halloumi and just treating it as a side menu that you can add to any dish. The Store in Britomart however have glorified halloumi to a well-deserved level by dedicating a whole dish to the form of dairy. Grilled halloumi, cauliflower, walnuts, chorizo and poached eggs, a.k.a., a plate of gold.

Deco Eatery


At Deco Eatery, they make sure you can get your halloumi fix in both the daytime and the evening. On their lunch menu, they have a halloumi wrap with greens, chopped salad, quinoa, vinaigrette, hummus, walnut tartar and rocket pesto. For dinner, they do a beautiful plate of halloumi chips with honey glazing for a combination of sweet and salty. If you want to opt for something lighter, you don’t have to miss out on the halloumi as they serve it with their dinner heirloom salad too!


Mount Eden

Famous for their New York baked cheesecake, Frasers also have a lot in store for us with their breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. As a matter of fact, Frasers serves up one of the healthiest halloumi dishes in town. Think charred asparagus, roast kumara, beetroot, toasted buckwheat, rocket salad, pan seared salmon and, grilled halloumi. Because you had a healthy meal, that means you can get two slices of cake instead of one.

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