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Auckland’s Best Karaoke Bars

By Hana Okada
10th May 2018

Auckland's Best Karaoke Bars

You really have not experienced a lit night out if you haven’t included a session of karaoke in to the agenda. Some may be a tad scared of the concept of singing in public but the culture of karaoke has evolved to something way more exclusive and you all have to hop on to it.

Make a proper night of it with the help of some delicious food, drinks so easy on your wallet you won’t mind checking your bank balance the morning after, and loads of perfect sing-alongs for you and your crew! All this and so much more are found at these ridiculously good karaoke bars, so whatever the size of your group, your music taste and mood—there’s a microphone waiting for you! It's time for you to get singing at these karaoke bars all across Auckland.

Rock Bar Karaoke

Auckland CBD

If Nirvana, Pink Floyd and AC/DC are on your mind, then Rock Bar Karaoke one’s for you. You and three others can book a private room for your very own rock gig for $30 an hour. Or, if you’re feeling extra bold, they even have a public stage to belt out your best Bohemian Rhapsody to anyone that’ll listen. Liquid courage will obviously be an essential, so make sure you get your hands one of their cocktails from the extensive menu! The fact that it’s open until 4am means singing at the top of your lungs to some rock classics ‘til the wee hours of the morning.

Po Karaoke Bar

Auckland CBD

One of the newer bars in the karaoke scene, PO Karaoke Bar has it all—from an extensive cocktail list (that includes half-litre jugs!), loads of room sizes for your small, post-work outing, to huge weekend party. And, there’s even a scrumptious food menu! If the hard stuff isn’t your thing, they have an extensive non-alcoholic menu including varieties of bubble tea and milkshakes. They update their songs regularly so you know you’ll be singing your heart out to the latest pop tune that’s been stuck in your head. More than just a karaoke bar, this place has got it all for a night out you’ll never forget.

Luxury Karaoke

Auckland CBD

Recently refurbished, Luxury Karaoke lives up to its name in more ways than one. Raising the karaoke bar high, you can chant, yodel and holler your way through a massive list of English, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese songs! If none of them tickle your fancy, you can even bring your favourite sing-alongs in the form of a USB for you to karaoke in any tune you desire! The place is decked out with plush couches for you to relax between your performances. Luxury Karaoke can accommodate groups of up to 15 people for a huge karaoke night ahead.

Happy KTV

Auckland CBD

Sing a ballad or two, hit up some of the newest pop tunes or even some golden oldies at multi-functional bar Happy KTV. Decked out with a games room with a pool table, warm up your body for a performance of a lifetime with a game or two! Afterward, get in one of their private booths and sing your stresses away. The karaoke machines are easy to navigate and there are a number of English options to boot. LED lights strobe around the place to get your best angles, so no doubt you’ll be feeling like Beyoncé (even if you don’t quite sound like her!). They also provide the good stuff on the food front with a substantial Chinese food menu with massive portions—you’ll need it after all that singing and dancing!

Sky Karaoke Bar

Auckland CBD

Consider these guys the OG of karaoke bars in the Auckland scene as they’ve been going strong for almost 15 years now. Located right next to one of the top Korean BBQ restaurants in Auckland, Red Pig, they use the same kitchen to serve up top quality grub to power us through those high notes. Whether you want to get intimate with a partner or go in a massive group, Sky Karaoke Bar’s private rooms come in a range of sizes to cater to any squad. Also, just to add a little side note which comes pretty crucial, the microphones here are cordless which means there are no limitations when it comes to dancing!

Plush KTV

Auckland CBD

All 14 private karaoke rooms are extravagantly fitted out, and Plush KTV is in a league of its own. The rooms vary in size for any party and, if you’re feeling extra fancy, go for the VIP room that features its very own dance floor! Each of the rooms are decked out in a state-of-art light and sound system and, don’t worry about the potential embarrassment of anyone hearing you (or you them) ‘cause it’s well sound-proofed! Order from their mouthwatering food and drinks menu and get ready for some serious sing-alongs to go down!



Karaoke doesn't have to be limited to the night! Vinos is open from midday Monday to Friday, meaning you can crank out some karaoke with lunch! With more than 20,000 songs in English, Korean, Chinese and Tagalog, there will be no shortage of tunes for you to choose from! Get a cocktail or three and Whitney Houston away the night!

Vivo Party World

Auckland CBD

A party world indeed! Free parking in the city (yes, really!) is a reality here, so get ready to park up for one of the best nights ever. Not one to end the party early, Vivo Party World is open until 4am to satisfy all of your singing desires. The private rooms even include a bathroom so you don’t miss a minute of the music! Once you get hungry, order the signature crispy chicken dish that well and truly meets the crisp factor. The karaoke machines are a breeze to use, and service incredibly attentive so you’re guaranteed a fabulous night (and early morning!) out in town. 

Vodka Room


Sing your heart out at the Vodka Room, much- loved Russian restaurant downstairs and little known karaoke bar upstairs. Right in the heart of Ponsonby this is the perfect destination or platform to start your night out. With thousands of feel good sing-a-longs to choose from, hundreds of vodka options, and ten of your best mates what could go wrong? The plush décor and easy access to vodka (press for vodka) will make you feel like a superstar (Ps. This is a great song choice). 

Sake Bar Nippon


Karaoke is a form of entertainment that actually originated in Japan and Sake Bar Nippon in Takapuna pay tribute to the Japanese culture through their food, décor and open mic. Enjoy an authentic izakaya experience of delicious skewers, fresh sashimi, traditional Japanese alcohol like sake and their infamous beers such as Asahi. Let the liquid confidence to its thing and make your way to the mic to put on a show and elevate the Japanese experience for everybody else in the restaurant.

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