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Auckland’s Best Kid-Friendly Cafes

By Albert Cho
20th Jun 2018

Auckland's Best Kid-Friendly Cafes

If you're one of those people who hate on kids for causing a ruckus in cafés, you need to take a seat. We've all been there and we all know the struggle of sitting still and staying quiet while the parents slowly make their way through their brunch session. Luckily Auckland cafés have become a lot more considerate for our little ones to make dining a lot more entertaining than what it used to be! Endless numbers of high chairs, extensive kids menus, colouring pencils and—some cafés have even gone as far as to build a playground!

Here's a list of Auckland's best kid-friendly cafés.

Major Sprout

Graham Street

When you first step in to Major Sprout, you’ll have a hard time believing that all that space is indeed a café. David Lee, owner of Major Sprout is a dad himself which explains why he went to such lengths to show consideration for parents with children. Prams have enough room to stroll freely at Major Sprout, tables are spread out far enough from each other and the buttermilk pancakes with cotton candy is a child’s dream breakfast.

Honey Café


If there’s a fluffy on the drinks menu, we can trust that they’re looking out for the kids and Honey in Takapuna have got the children’s backs! To make it even better, Honey don’t forget to add some marshmallows to the classic child beverage of choice. Pair that with a treat from the cabinet and you’ll have one happy camper!

The Grounds


Owned by two family men who appreciate both mighty good food and providing a homely environment, The Grounds is a favourite eatery amongst families.The kids deal includes any main meal with a glass of juice and a pass to the kid's playground! The kid's menu will also make your kid feel a little bit fancy and sophisticated as it consists of dumplings and teriyaki chicken! 

Little & Friday

Belmont & Newmarket

Started from the streets of Belmont, quickly becoming a local favourite and expanding to the other side of the bridge in Newmarket, Little & Friday is a café that is loved by all people from adults, students and families with children. With a selection of treats that is suitable for anyone, wide space for high chairs and bright fit out, Little & Friday makes your child feel welcome. They even make their doughnuts in a mini size for your little one!

Deco Eatery


Take a look at the kids menu at Deco Eatery and you’ll be assured that they care a whole lot about the little ones. Your child will have an endless amount of choice and won’t be limited to the go-to chicken nuggets and chips at this joint. Let them explore something more sophisticated like a mini eggs bene or pasta with parmesan cheese! Kids even get a complimentary activity bag with their meal!

Black & Gold – Coffee & Eatery


Warm, welcoming, spacious, good coffee and bomb tasting food, Black & Gold tick all the boxes to make absolutely everybody and anybody happy. The large amount of space makes it perfect to spread out a high chair as you won’t get in anyone’s way. Treat your kid to one of their slices in the cabinet as Black & Gold’s ones are infamous on the North Shore. They’re sweet, have a biscuity, buttery base and any child would dive right in to one of these!



With high chairs that attach to the table and colouring in books and pencils available on request, Zomer has become the café for families with young children in Takapuna. That along with the fluffy pancakes with their signature raspberry mascarpone makes Zomer a one of a kind and an ideal brunch destination on the shore.



This one’s a no-brainer folks. Catroux’s menu is super kid-friendly—think peanut butter and jelly bagels or boiled eggs and soldiers. A sandpit, chalkboard and toys at the rear end of the café, away from most of the tables and patrons, means you and your sprogs are being well looked after.



A loud and buzzy restaurant always helps eliminate the noise that inevitably follows when kids enter the stage. There is enough going on at Mexico so that you can relax and not worry about about kids being kids.  Plus, it has kids’ menus (and masks—fabulous if you see someone you know and need to deny ownership) highchairs, crayons and activity sheets to keep them entertained while you enjoy your time away from home.

Circus Circus

Mt Eden

At Circus Circus café, bronzed lions at the door welcome you in and with its name and bright décor, it should come as no surprise that it welcomes children. The food is great with a good-sized menu to to make sure everyone is kept happy.

Avondale Sunday Markets


While it’s not a restaurant or café per say—the Avondale Sunday Markets are buzzy, serves plenty of food and best of all, is set in the great wide open. Well, specifically a racecourse, that doubles as a farmers market come Sunday. There’s more than enough to feed the kids with here— Cambodian salads and Maori stew are a hot favourite.

Charlie and George


Bright and cheerful interiors are coupled with wholesome food and good coffees at Charlie and George. Situated in the new housing development, Stonefields, they offer colouring in and a hopscotch outside to help with the sprogs.



“Ho Ho Ho Me Hearties”…or so to speak. If your little angel is actually a little pirate (or at least fascinated by them) than Swashbucklers is your go-to. Situated on the water’s edge in Westhaven Marina, there is plenty of outdoor space to let the kids run free.  As you might expect from the location, seafood reigns supreme on the menu, but it still offers a variety of other healthy dining choices. The Kids Pirate Menu features kids grilled chicken salad and tortillas to name a few.

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Image Credit: Lauren Matilda Matthews

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