Auckland’s Best Laksa

By Olivia Atkinson
15th Nov 2017

Aucklands Best Laksa

Laksa is one of those dishes that brings an instant smile to people’s dials. At first glance, it’s a soup but once you dive in you’re introduced to all sorts of edible surprises. You can dig around with your special little laksa spoon, take to the noodles with chopsticks, pluck out tender pieces of meat, and when you get bored, slurp up the warming soupy goodness. Yes, it’s that much of a good time. 

If laksa sounds like something you’d like to get acquainted with (which of course it does), then chuck on your darkest shirt and work your way through this list of Auckland’s best laksa. It’s about to get splashy in here.

Blossom Court 


Serious laksa lovers will know this Panmure spot for its kickass asam laksa. While curry laksas are coconut-based, asam packs is slightly sourer, packing more of a punch from fish and tamarind. Blossom Court’s penang asam laksa is noodly and zesty in all the right ways. Don't fret yourself however, if asam ain't your thing this extensive menu also boasts a coconut-based chicken or seafood laksa. Whether you're devouring it down with chopsticks or a grand spoon, you'll soon realise this is one of the best laksas Auckland has to offer. 



Selera serve up some of the most authentic Malaysian food in town, and of course, a bloody good curry laksa. Choose between chicken, seafood or veges. Alternatively, choose a combo or two and prepare to have your taste buds tingled. They don’t skimp on portions and their homemade roti is perf for mopping up any leftovers. Paired with a must-try mee goreng, you'll be leaving with one very full, very happy, noodle-filled belly. You’ll also find this tasty laksa at Mama Rich, Selera’s sister restaurant in Greenlane. 

KK Malaysian 


If you’re big on both quality and quantity, KK Malaysian in Epsom might just be your new fave. This popular restaurant is known for being one of the best in town and also happens to hold the secret to a moreish, fragrant laksa. It’s served in a maaaasive bowl and requires a mini tribe of laksa enthusiasts to finish—it’s that big. Wait for the best part...KK Malaysian is BYO meaning cheap wine and good laksa is officially the recipe to a luxe Friday evening. They also do takeaway and are a keen supporter of ‘doggy bags’ #nolaksaleftbehind. 

Auckland's Best Laksa

Mamak Malaysian 

Takapuna & Auckland City 

Mamak will make you a member of their laksa-loving tribe, we guarantee it. Their curry chicken laksa is truly something spesh—slightly on the spicy side but full of tender chunks of chicken, fluffy tofu, egg and beansprouts. You’ll be hooked on this creamy bowl of goodness at first slurp! The seasfood laksa is also off the charts, with delicious morsels of prawn and squid in the mix. The menu is looooong and we want to order errything in between. The infamous Mamak chicken bites top the list as the perfect entree—they're deep fried coated in curry flavour. YAS. 



Mutiara is a firm fave amongst Ponsonby’s BYO revellers but also home to a damn fine lemak laksa. They understand that people are either team yellow noodles or team vermicelli so give you the option to choose between the two. Your noods of choice will then be served in a spicy coconut gravy with beansprouts and bean curd alongside chicken and prawn or seafood (scallops, prawns and mussels). Get slurpin’! We're going to make the call that no Malaysian restaurant is complete without a damn good sambal dish. Mutiara agree with us, boasting sambal errything—beef and chicken, whole fish, squid, crispy beans and egg plant too! Insanity. 

Aucklands Best Laksa

Madam Woo


Madam Woo ain't just experts at Hawker Rolls, their laksa is fo' sure one of the best in Auckland. These guys perfect flavour, every bite is an intrepid journey for the taste buds. Leaving food on your plate is simply not an option in Woo town. The chicken and prawn laksa soup is designed for sharing and we're not complaining. After all, the goal is to try every single dish off the menu—we're yet to find one that dissapoints. Instead of mopping ya soup up with roti, save yourself for the roti dessert doughnut served with kafir lime and ginger ice cream...holy heck. 

Aucklands Best Laksa


Auckland City

Malaysian cuisine in the heart of the CBD, what more could us city hustlers want? PappaRich is good, real goooood. And you betcha, their laksa is even better. Choose between the curry laksa or the asam laksa. Fab on it's own, fabber with some delights from the extensive bread selection. Ordinary roti is out the window here, think tandoori to curry to randang flavouring—hell to the yes. I know we're talking laksa, but sometimes Malaysian just requires sweet and sour, and this sweet and sour chicken is off the frickin charts. So with that said, Auckland's laksa game is top notch ya'll. 

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Image credit: Jaiden Bhaga, Madom Woo, Kellie Blizard, Mamak Malaysian 

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