Auckland’s Best Mid-Week Dinner Deals

By Martha Brooke
10th Apr 2017

There’s no denying that each and every one of us loves a bargain. There is also no denying that we are all head over heels in love with food, either. So, what do you get when you cross two of our favourite passions? Why, kick-ass eating deals of course!

Although it would be utterly great if student loans and Auckland rent prices didn’t exist, unfortunately they do and so sometimes eating just isn’t a priority. But not anymore!

With the help of some of Auckland’s best eateries, we’ve rounded up the best mid-week dinner deals that will leave you, your wallet and your tum extremely happy!


De Post Belgian Beer Cafe

Mt Eden

Although the weekend may have just passed (sob), you’ve got a bad case of Mondayitis and the thought of cooking gives you the heebie-jeebies, we’ve got you. Well, De Post Belgian Beer Cafe has. Serving up their infamous steamed or grilled mussels for half price, wash these tasty morsels down with a pint of Leffe to truly kick Monday to the kerb!


Al's Deli

CBD, Kingsland

Ah, Al’s Deli you! With a menu boasting some of the best poutine in Auckland, along with cream-stuffed doughnut milkshakes for afters, we want it all! Unfortunately, our bank accounts say otherwise. For all those wanting a piece of this paradise for a fraction of the price, head in every Tuesday for rib day. $20 will get you half a rack of braised, smoked and char-grilled ribs with french fries and your choice of a beer, glass of wine or soft drink! Dinner well and truly sorted!

The Culpepper


If you love ribs and ribs love you, why not try your hand at The Culpepper’s all-you-can-eat rib night every Tuesday?! Prepare to roll out of the door after devouring their southern BBQ smoked, sticky morsels until you’re ready to burst! Talk about value for money!

Freeman & Grey


If you just can’t deal with another night of flatties fighting over who’s using the stove first, why not drag them out to Freeman & Grey instead? Not only is it their notorious quiz night (hello bar tab!) but you can also enjoy their pizza and a beer deal for just 12 bucks!

Velvet Burger


Alright guys, make sure you’re sitting down for this one! Velvet Burger do two-for-one burgers every Tuesday. We repeat: two-for-one! Between the hours of 12pm and 5pm and then 8 pm ’til close, simply whisper the code word (see their Facebook page for updated password!) and Bob’s your uncle!


Lord Kitchener


Hump day? More like rump day! Every Wednesday at Lord Kitchener, get yourself 300g of the good stuff a.k.a steak (duh), smothered in a creamy mushroom sauce served with chunky chips and a side salad—all for just $20! With your saved pennies, why not treat yourself to a wine match for just eight more gold ones?

The Occidental


For a chookin’ delicious feed for a fraction of the price, venture off Queen St and down the cobbled path of Vulcan Lane and into The Occidental. Serving up their crispy, chicken schnitzel with a traditional Belgian mash, with one of three sauces for just $20. Pair it with a pint of Stella Artois for a real European experience!

The Good Home

Mt Eden

For all those in the Mount Eden area feeling very ‘meh’ about spending hours over the stove, listen up. The Good Home Mount Eden have got your back—and the answer to all of your mid-week burger cravings. Every Wednesday, grab yourself a burger and a bevvy for 25 bucks! Served with homemade fat chips, their fish burger has well and truly got us hooked!

Flight 605


Often hailed the best chicken wings in Auckland, you’ve simply got to get yourself down to Flight 605 to check this claim yourself. Wing Wednesday is a sure-fire way to make any week automatically better and with Flight 605 serving up a hefty portion, for just ten bucks, we’d have to agree!


Hallertau Brewery & Restaurant


Guilty of brewing some of Auckland’s best beer and serving it alongside their incredible range of food at their Riverhead location, Hallertau has certainly got our attention. Thursday night is steak night, and for 25 bucks, you’ll be served a 230g portion of scotch fillet with chunky chips, slaw and a glass of good stuff! Looks like the weekend just came early!



It seems that another established Auckland eatery is keen on bringing our steak dreams to life on a Thursday night too! Fort Lane’s Everybody's also happens to serve up a slab of the good stuff to lucky punters. Think tender, perfectly cooked scotch fillet with a serving of shoestring fries for a real Thursday night treat!


The Crab Shack

Princes Wharf

Kings of all things fishy, and true rulers of the oceans (sorry Ursula!), The Crab Shack has truly managed to give us that Friday feeling! Every week, the team serve up a cracking portion of their beer-battered fush, Makikihi fries, tartare sauce and shack slaw for just $15!

The Kingslander


Ahhh it's Friday! When the only thing on your mind is racing to the pub for after work drinks, remember, you're gonna need something to line that stomach! The Kingslander is a great choice for both, made even better by the fact that they offer out their sticky, Jack Daniel-coated chicken wings for just $1 a pop! How many can you manage?

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Image Credit: The Good Home Mt. Eden

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