Auckland’s Best Milkshakes

By Olivia Atkinson
25th Jul 2017

aucklands milkshakes

There’s no better way to treat yo’ self than with a dose of dairy deliciousness that is the milkshake. As self-proclaimed milkshake maniacs, hunting down Auckland’s best milkshakes is a regular activity for us and one that we take very, very seriously. Old school choccie, swanky Himalayan salted caramel, or with a cheeky shot of bourbon...whatever your taste buds are into, we’ve slurped our way across the city and found the absolute BEST milkshakes in Auckland.

Whether you’re looking for the best milkshakes in Auckland City, the best milkshakes on the North Shore, the best milkshakes in South Auckland or anywhere else in A-town, think of this as your go-to milkshake list, sure to bring all the boys to the yard (soz, we had to).

Best Milkshakes In Auckland City

You city folk are spoilt for choice when shake time rolls around. From boozy concoctions to burger and shake combos, here are the best milkshakes in Auckland City. 

Shakedown Milk Bar 


Waiting for a train is 100% more fun with a milkshake in hand. Situated in the downtown train station, Shakedown Milkbar is one of the best places in grab (and then slurp) a milkshake in Britomart. Get amongst their Lewis Road Creamy shakes, you won’t regret it.

Fokker Bros

Auckland Viaduct

These dudes frequently dabble in making some of the best milkshakes in Auckland city. The freakshakes are epic but their take on the humble lime milkshake is also worth your time.

Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar


Milkshakes and cookies are just meant to be, and when you want said duo, head straight to Moustache. They now have a permanent pozzy on K’Road where you can get a cookie dough (!) milkshake. Can we get a hallelujah?!

Kai Eatery

Auckland CBD

Fried chicken, bao buns AND milkshakes? Oh lordy. Kai Eatery on Queen Street is oh-so naughty but oh-so good. Their milkshake flavours include Ferroro Rocher, cookies and cream, Snickers, Picnic and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and they’re some of the best milkshakes you’ll find in Auckland city. 

Once Strangers

Eden Terrace

Newcomer Once Strangers has been quick to grab our hearts and stomachs. With plenty of breakfast and brunch options to keep that belly happy and full, you'll want to wash it down with one of their delicious shakes. 

Best Milkshakes In Central Auckland

The best milkshakes in Ponsonby? The best milkshakes in Kingsland? Or perhaps you’re on the hunt of the best milkshakes in Mt Eden? Whichever ‘burb you’re in, you’ll be pleased to hear that central Auckland is a milkshake haven. Prepare to unleash your sweet tooh.

Fred’s Espresso Bar


Uber-friendly on the people front, outrageously tasty on the milkshake front, Fred’s is a solid choice for the best milkshakes in Ponsonby. Their liquid treats (incl. Earl grey, chocolate fish and apple pie) are blended using homemade natural syrups.

Burger Burger


Ah, Burger Burger, you never let us down. Not only are the responsible for mighty fine burgs, they make some of the best milkshakes in Ponsonby, Takapuna and Newmarket. Their good ol’ fashioned PB and choc shake is a winner.

Little Bird Unbakery


Just ‘cos dairy doesn’t agree with you and your bod doesn’t mean milkshakes are a no-no. Little Bird Unbakery are pros at raw, nutrient-loaded shakes free of dairy, refined sugar and any processed nasties. Their decadent caramel maca banana shake is where it’s at. It’s lovingly fashioned from date, vanilla, cashew ice cream, cashew butter and pumpkin seed brittle. Better yet, it’s designed to balance the hormones and energise. Uh huh, these are the best vegan milkshakes in Auckland.

Grills & Shakes


Indecisive shakers, you’ve been warned. Grills & Shakes offer an impressive 69 (SIXTY NINE, PEOPLE!) milkshake flavours, all whipped up with organic milk and real ingredients i.e. no artificial syrups and flavours in sight. Blending up some of Auckland’s best milkshakes, our faves are Twix, Call Me Ginger Slice and Pineapple Lumps. 

Al’s Deli


Al’s Deli, home of cheat day dreams. This Kingsland spot (they also have a CBD location) has brought Canadian foodie deliciousness to Auckland and we ain’t complaining. You can feast on epic burgers, hotdogs, poutine and fried chicken then wash it all down with one of the best milkshakes in Auckland. Our pick is the Nutella shake because, well...Nutella.

The Dairy


Another place serving a smorgasbord of edible and slurpable delights in The Dairy in Ponsonby Central. Their ‘Melt Bar’ features incredible (emphasis on the incredible) grilled cheese sammies, fondue, poutine and other cheese-laden eats, while the milkshake menu is something you’ll need to visit more than once for. There’s 10 flavours including Tahitian vanilla, mint choc chip and fresh lime. Get there, they’re a solid contender for the best milkshakes in Ponsonby.

Bedford Soda & Liquor


Tucked down the same lane as The Dairy, Bedford Soda & Liquor merges our childhood dreams with our adult survival requirements. Meet boozy milkshakes, a beverage that every 18+ person HAS to try. Their liquor-laden shakes include salted caramel with whisky, rum black forest (feat. Oreo, choc and cherries), banana, honey, peanut butter and bourbon, and a fresh alternative of strawberry, honey, coconut and Barcadi delicately decorated with cinnamon quills, icing sugar and edible flowers. Tempted? Bedford Soda & Liquor also have a Takapuna bar so you really have no excuse but to visit and try the best boozy milkshakes in Auckland.

Corner Burger

Mt Eden

Corner Burger continues to be a popular choice with Auckland’s burger fan club. While their burgers are worth a try, it’s the shakes that need your attention. Choose between vanilla, choc, Snickers and peanut butter, and jot Corner Burger down as one of your go-to’s for great milkshakes in Mt Eden.

Cereal Killa

Mt Eden

Another Mt Eden milkshake haven is Cereal Killa. Freakshakes aka. Killashakes are more their thing and they are happiness in a glass. These beauties are piled high with candy floss, waffles, ice cream sandwiches, cakes, waffles, marshmallows...pretty much anything sweet and delicious. Get there.

Icing On The Cake

Herne Bay

This Herne Bay cake and cupcake store is a sweet addition to the neighbourhood. Yes, their cupcakes are a hit but don’t forget to wash it down with a thickshake. It’d be rude not to.

Tucks & Bao


Tucks & Bao, unsurprisingly, serve up a damn fine bao. They’re also capable of making one of the best milkshakes in Newmarket. Take your pick between vanilla, chocolate, banana, strawberry, caramel, soda and spearmint and slurp away. Pro tip: if you’re wanting to amp up your shake, add on the freakshake option—it will be worth it for the Insta snap.

Casa Del Gelato


Casa Del Gelato take this whole Auckland milkshake thing seriously. A silky blend is simply not enough. They take things a couple of steps further by decorating the milkshake with brownies, hokey pokey, meringue, doughnuts, fresh fruit...and that’s just the beginning. It’s an Auckland milkshake experience like no other.



Sometimes you need something to wash your Peanutella (yep, peanut butter AND Nutella) or red velvet whoppi pie down. Luckily, Whoopi whips up some of the best milkshakes in Newmarket. The Himalayan pink salted caramel has our name on it. 

Once Strangers

Eden Terrace

Once Strangers offer a beautiful selection of food and cabinet treats so its not surpising they do some drool worthy milkshakes too. With some interesting flavours like their miso butterscotch, you've definetly got to give this place a shot. 

Best Milkshakes On The Shore

As per usual, the shore has got it going on. From dedicated dessert cafes to a corner dairy, here are the best milkshakes on the North Shore.

House Of Chocolate Dessert Cafe


Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate is what to expect from this Takapuna dessert cafe. They’re makers of some of the best desserts and milkshakes on the North Shore so we suggest you rock up with a hefty appetite. The milkshakes are made with Kohu Road Ice Cream and won’t let you down.

Cheltenham Dairy & Milk Bar


You can’t beat an old school shake from the dairy and Cheltenham Dairy & Milk Bar is the best in Auckland. Choose your ice cream flavour and the lovely team will take it from there. The end result won’t disappoint.

Fact-Tree Cafe


Home to a top-notch eggs bene AND delish milkshakes is Fact-Tree in Sunnynook. This cafe is all about classic flavours—think chocolate, vanilla, lime, strawberry, spearmint and banana.

Takapuna Beach Cafe


Beautiful food, gorgeous food and amazing gelato smoothies is what Takapuna Beach Cafe is all about. Their milkshakes made with their homemade gelato aren’t sickly sweet but will satisfy your sweet tooth in no time. Lemon curd and yogurt is our go-to.

Best Milkshakes In East Auckland

Milkshakes are yet to be fully embraced by East Auckland but there are two fab places to get you shake fix. Here’s where to get a milkshakes in East Auckland.

Cafe On Kohi


Cafe on Kohi’s ice-cold bevvie line-up is strong but it’s the milkshakes that we also gravitate to. Choose between three perfect flavours of vanilla, double chocolate and salted caramel—they’re some of the best milkshakes you’ll find in East Auckland.

Bald Eagle Diner

Mission Bay

This American-style diner will have you munching on everything from fried chicken and burgers to mac’n’cheese and hot dogs. Be sure to wash it down with a raspberry, salted caramel, mango, cookies and cream or chocolate milkshake.

Best Milkshakes In West Auckland

The Tannery

New Lynn

The Tannery is a joint venture between Mt Atkinson Coffee and Kohu Road Ice Cream so you know they’re going to make some of the best milkshakes in West Auckland. Get your caffeine hit with the mocha or coffee option, or try our personal fave, the chocolate peanut butter. Mmm, mmm!

Snacks & Scoops


Creativity is at the heart of Snacks & Scoops and it shows through their interesting milkshake creations. There’s cashew and fig shakes, custard apple shakes and the award-winning Chocodream shake made with Whittaker’s. We’ll have one of each!


Blockhouse Bay

Banoffee pie, rocky road, Pineapple Lump, peanut butter Oreo...Lick in Blockhouse Bay knows the way to a milkshake-lover’s heart. Don’t live in West Auckland? Make the trip anyway and thank us later.

Best Milkshakes In South Auckland


Royal Oak

Ollie’s has been making milkshakes for the fine people of Auckland for yonks and they’re still going strong. They’re an Auckland institution and will satisfy your classic shake cravings as soon as you take the first sip.

Image credit: Jaiden Bhaga at Once Strangers

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