Auckland’s Best Mince On Toast

By Bella Askelund
22nd Jul 2017

Auckland's Best Mince On Toast

When it comes to comfort food you simply cannot go wrong with an ol’ classic mince on toast. A hefty dose of last night’s leftovers served on rustic toasted bread—our taste buds are oooozing with nostalgic goodness. This innocent little dish can cause battles amongst the best of friends. Those who don’t like it won’t touch it. Yet those hard-core mince-toastey loving fans will eat this combo for breaky, lunch and dinner, if they can get away with it!

Although eating this cosily on the couch at 11pm does have a certain special feel—it brings a whole new level of game when you spot it on a cafe’s brunch menu. Who thought it was possible to make mince taste so damn delicious?

Prepare to get your brunch on friends, we’ve got a list of the eight best mince dishes that Auckland has to offer.

Geeks On Sainsbury 


‘Savoury premium mince, truffle oil and a poached egg on ciabatta, garnished with rosemary and shaved parmesan’… ooooh Sainsbury you had me at the truffle oil. This is fancy smancy mince with an Italian vibe so wave ciao bella to that bowl of muesli and say bon-appetite to this delight. It would be rude not to mention that the coffee here is a game changer too. If you manage to stop at just one, we’ll be incredibly impressed.

Cereal Killa

Mt Eden

We’ve given you Italian, and now we’re giving you Morrocan. Our friends at Cereal Killa serve an epic Morrocan style mince on toasted sourdough bread. They’ve got the spice factor on point while keeping it humble enough to have in the AM. Wash this down with an infamous #killashake like the chocolate-nutella or the caramel-waffle. Whatever you decide on, we promise you won’t be leaving a) disappointed and b) with an empty stomach.

Honey Cafe


This tasty dish takes an '80s spin on things, serving mince alongside a potato croquette and vine-roasted tomatos with of course, a poached egg and a slice of chunky toast. Nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of Takapuna, Honey Cafe is a fabulous choice for a long lunch in the sunshine. Mince alongside a cheeky vino? Why not! And to finish, choose something from the decadent cabinet to share with your brunch companion. After all, you just stuffed your face with mince in front of this person, they deserve that brownie.



Much loved amongst the most die-hard mince fan, Matilda Rice, L’affare does not desire to complicate this classic dish. You’ll get mince and you’ll get toast with little else—but what more is there to want? You love it because it’s simple and quite possibly a nostalgic dish, well L’affare will bring back every one of those childhood flashbacks as they take your tastebuds on a trip down memory lane. The beautiful setting is outside of Newmarket’s rush, meaning you can relax and enjoy your food without busy shoppers getting in your way.

Dear Jervois 

Herne Bay

A health nuts version right at your front door. Dear Jervois does a delightful dish of spiced Mince with slow-cooked eggs served on toasted paleo bread! AKA no carbs in this bad boy and for an extra dose of healthy fats, there’s roasted cashew nuts soaring through this dish. An incredibly indulgent version, rich in flavour that leaves even the most dedicated mince fans wondering if there's room for the last bite. If you’re a big eater with eccentric taste buds, this one’s for you.

Jam Organic Cafe


A popular spot for Takapuna locals is none other than Jam Organic Cafe. The menu takes an emphasis on the traditional foods we all enjoy such as french toast, eggs bene and of course, old-school mince! Keeping it organic (ha—hence the name), this baby uses free range meat and eggs so you know there’s no nasties in this dish. With whole coconuts on the drinks menu, you’ve got the perfect bevy to wash down your meal. This is our pick for those mornings lingering with last nights alcohol.

The Fridge Cafe


This ain’t mince on toast friends, this is mince in toast (say whaaaaat?). The Fridge Cafe offer quite possibly the most decadent style of this family favourite. Think beef mince cooked in a rich gravy served inside a toasted kumara bread cup! It doesn’t finish there though, this delightful dish is then topped with a perfectly poached egg. Although they’re renowned for their flaky pastry pies, this may be even better. Kumara for the win!

Benson Road Deli


One for the Remez locals to rejoice over on a Saturday morning, Benson Road Deli brings us our cult-favourite in it’s simplest form. Savoury mince, your choice of toast and an optional poached egg. A great spot after a mornings walk with your pup and beau; there’s something for the whole family at Remuera’s favourite deli. If you’re not vibing mince but craving a dose of red meat, we recommend the ginger chilli beef salad.

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Image credit: Jaiden Bhaga at L'affare

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