Auckland’s Best Places For Break-Ups

By Olivia Atkinson
19th Jan 2016

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Cutting ties with the SO in your life is never going to be a fun time. Rather than stealthy fading off the romantic radar or ditching them during a 3am Maccas run, there are two tried and tested ways to soften the break-up blow…

Food and booze.

Your soon-to-be ex (most likely) deserves a proper meal and beverage before they’re chucked into the world of singledom. And, since the best break-ups are chummy break-ups, we’ve handpicked seven places so damn good, your former flame will be distracted by the comforts of silky ravioli and cocktails when the parting words ‘oh, by the way, it’s over’ are uttered.  

Complete with nurturing environs, little chance of running into mates, and excellent potential to walk out on good terms, here are the best bars and restaurants in Auckland to let ‘em down easy at. 


Auckland CBD

While we know oysters and champagne pretty much spells romance, Rockefeller is the place to flip the concept on its head and attempt a short ‘n’ sweet break-up. Get your broken boo to knock back a couple of aphrodisiac oysters and bubbly, and they’ll be back on the prowl pronto. 


Multiple branches

The art of distraction will help you make this relationship termination as painless as possible. A bit of showmanship is exactly what you need, and Daikoku is just the place. Make like Houdini and keep them dazzled while you oh-so-subtly break the news during a performance of flames, knives, and egg catching. Your date will be so hooked on the show, the soul-crushing feels will be kept to a minimum. Plus, no one wants to lose their cool when you’re brushing shoulders with strangers at a teppanyaki bar. 

Racket Bar


If a full-blown tanty is guaranteed, Racket is the place to go. There’s over 85 rums to drink away the sorrows and the angst-filled moans of ‘what did I do?’ will be drowned by the bar’s rowdy revellers. There is also fried chicken with maple chipotle syrup for when things really get out of hand. 

The Blue Breeze Inn


This restaurant is always humming and buzzing with people, so much so, everyone will be too engrossed in their Tiki drinks and gossip sessions to notice your heartbreaker antics. However, if it all turns to custard and your squeeze starts feeling blue, make sure The Blue Breeze Inn’s pork buns are on standby—they’ll cheer them up no end. 

Neighbourhood Brewbar


Neiiiiiighbours, should be there for one another, and with a bit of luck, there will be plenty of friendly folk to comfort the poor blubbering sod you just left slumped over his beer. Neighbourhood Brewbar is one of the most social hubs in Auckland, and he’ll be getting pats on the backs and shouted rounds in no time. 

Burger Burger


Burgers are tucker for the soul, and in this case, the heart. Make sure their tastebuds have been treated to one of Burger Burger’s creations before commencing the dump-age over ice cream sammies. Fingers crossed your lover will be too food coma’d out to kick up a fuss. 

Coco’s Cantina

K Road

Coco’s are all about the love, so you better bloody hope this break is an amicable one. In saying that, Italians are great at expressing themselves, so what better place to get your Public Display of Emotion on than at an Italian restaurant? The pea and mint ravioli is seriously heavenly and hopefully, your ex will be so grateful for it, you’ll be forgiven for ruining their future wedding plans. 

Image credit: Alux

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