Auckland’s Best Soups

By Albert Cho
21st May 2018

Auckland’s Best Soups

There’s nothing that gets you feeling all cosy and fuzzy as much as a good ol’ bowl of hearty, soul warming soup.

People tend to think that soup is a dish that’s just limited to the winter season but we disagree. When in need of a light meal—soup. When you start to get the sniffles—soup. When you’re going through a heartbreak—soup!

It’s a dish that’s good for the mind and body and when done right, it’s a bowl of absolute yums. Here’s a list of where to find Auckland’s best soups!

Duck Duck Goose Eatery


Let’s start off with a classic, shall we? Chicken soup never fails us: it’s hot, it’s flavourful and Duck Duck Goose Eatery do it perfectly. Don’t think that the chicken soup here is anything like those instant powders that you pour in a mug. The ones at this Rosedale gem are loaded with fresh shiitake mushrooms, seasonal veggies and crispy chicken wontons for extra flavour and texture! They also do a congee which is a traditional Chinese rice soup/porridge and it’s delish. Inside this bowl, you’ll find tender poached chicken, crispy pork hock, poached egg, sesame crackers, shallot and toasted peanuts for the crunch.

Federal Delicatessen

Auckland CBD

One of Auckland’s faves for their poutine fries and sweet pies, people tend to miss out on the bomb as soups this eatery dishes up. The Federal Deli do a soup which is actually quite hard to find around Auckland. The matzo ball soup is a common dish that’s on a lot of the cafés menus around the U.S but our city hasn’t caught on to that trend just yet. However, Federal Deli have got the goods, serving the Jewish soup with shredded chicken and their special bagel dumplings! If you’re in the mood for something heartier, the mussel and pastrami chowder is the way to go, as that added saltiness from the pastrami is heavenly.

The Candy Shop


The Candy Shop has made waves with their top quality coffee and tasty Asian fusion menu. The Candy Shop take their soup game very seriously, making the most of every bit of space they have in the bowl, turning a light cuisine in to a substantial meal. The prawn dumpling soup has a pork bone broth as a base and there is so much depth in flavour. The broth is then loaded with bok choy, handmade prawn dumplings, fish balls and tofu—a serious must have if you’re paying a visit to this café!

Johnny Barr’s

Wynyard Quarter

Although Johnny Barr’s do an absolutely banging seafood chowder, we have to talk about one of their soups of the day. Johnny Barr’s get creative with their soups that change daily, but our fave is the truffle pumpkin. As a matter of fact, one of The Urban List team will never fail to make a daily call to ask what their soup of the day is and if it’s the truffle pumpkin, placing an order is compulsory. The combination of sweet and salty has never been so perfectly executed and even the bread they give on the side is 10/10 yums. So, if you’re ever at Johnny Barr’s, do yourselves a favour and ask about their soup of the day and you can thank us later.

Soul Bar & Bistro

Viaduct Harbour

Speaking of seafood chowders, we can’t miss out on mentioning Soul Bar & Bistro. One of Auckland’s top restaurants, they stay with the times and change their menu to stay trendy and relevant. But their seafood chowder is so good that it’s a classic staple that is here to stay and no matter what, this remains on the menu. Soul Bar’s chowder is rich and decadent and the seafood is cooked to perfection to be plump and have the ideal texture of chewiness to add a nice bite to the bowl of creaminess.

Le Vietnamese Kitchen


Some people aren’t big fans of the heavy, creamy chowder soups and we respect that. You don’t need to have a thick and creamy soup to have a flavourful one and Le Vietnamese Kitchen prove this fact! The authentic Vietnamese soups otherwise known as pho is the most fragrant soups you’ll ever come across. The bowl of broth that has clearly been brewed for hours on end judging by the flavour is topped with fresh herbs and greens and it really does take things to a whole new level. The rice noodles also make the experience more enjoyable as you slurp your way through this soul bowl.

Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant


Branch out of the chowders and chicken soups and go for a Thai tom yum soup! Blue Elephant in Parnell brew up an amazing bowl of the authentic Thai dish and you have to give it a shot. For those who aren’t too familiar with what a tom yum soup is, it’s basically a spicy and sour broth with notes of coriander, lime, chilli, tomatoes and lemon. Although the texture is light and runny, this liquidy soup is arguably the most flavourful soup of all.



Han is a fine-dining Korean restaurant in Parnell which showcases traditional Korean flavours by adding a more sophisticated and modern twist. A common soup amongst Koreans is the military stew which is a soup of American processed meats and spicy Korean gochujang kimchi broth. This soup was created by soldiers after the Korean War using leftover or excess food from the U.S army base and mixing it all in a big pot. Little did these soldiers know that this dish would turn in to a staple for Korean cuisine and Han in Parnell do this soup justice.

Jomaru Korean Restaurant


All this talk on Korean food has reminded us of the endless range of soups in the cuisine of Korea. Jomaru located in Henderson is owned by a Korean couple and they cook up authentic and traditional Korean soups and stews and they are the definition of hearty. From the familiar kimchi tofu soup to the more scary sounding beef tripe stew, all the broths at this restaurant require hours of work of boiling and seasoning to ensure maximum flavour. Also, the soups come with a free bowl of rice and side dishes of veggies, what more can we ask for?!



Home of one of Auckland’s best laksa, Selera in Newmarket have two soups on the menu that are worth the same amount of hype as their noodles. The chicken and sweetcorn soup has a thick and creamy texture and naturally sweet from the corn with tender pieces of shredded poached chicken. The wonton soup is a runny broth but they make up for that with their generous serving of juicy wonton dumplings and freshness from the bok choy.

Chikos Restaurant & Café


This hidden gem in Henderson serve up an exciting menu of Asian and Pasifika fusion and are renowned for their flavours and beautiful presentation. The hot ladle chowder from Chikos is served with a crispy prawn roll, smoked salmon, salsa verde and the tastiest piece of bruschetta on the side. They also do one of our all-time favourite soups which is spiced pumpkin and green pea puree. Let us explain why we love this one so much: it comes with grilled halloumi and fried ravioli. Yup, it’s bomb and yup, you have to get it.

Mezze Bar

Auckland CBD

Located in little Durham Lane is Mezze Barr cooking up a Mediterranean feast of tapas and baking sweet treats that consist of baklava, Turkish delights and the most indulgent chocolate buttermilk cake. Mezze Bar also have a soup on the menu which will just be an absolute joy for your taste buds. It’s a Turkish lentil soup with a rich tomato base, drizzled with paprika oil, lemon juice and served with a fresh, hot Turkish bread. There really isn’t anything more comforting that dipping carbs in to a good bowl of soup and Mezze Bar do it so right!


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