All Aboard! 5 Of Auckland’s Best Sushi Trains

By Emma Pickles
12th Jun 2017

aucklands best sushi trains

If decision making isn’t your strong suit and menus give you anxiety, then sushi trains (or Kaiten sushi for the food snobs) are for you. 

You’ll have to be a little more adventurous and perhaps eat a couple of mystery items, but it’s ok, we promise. Just take a punt on things that don’t look too suspicious and don’t invite that friend who just wants to eat Edamame *eye-roll*. 

Here are the best sushi trains in Auckland. Next stop: total Japanese satisfaction. All aboard team!

Sushi Train

Chancery Square

Tucked away in Chancery Square you have much to gain from Sushi Train. You’ll be in roll heaven with all the classic faves and a few with some added X factor. Dragon, hot hot chicken, cooly, spicy crunchy, tiger, spider, palm and sunset rolls are all on the menu. Nigiri, ship, and aburi will also be rotating around the track, just waiting for you to have a snack. They also serve authentic drinks, so if you're feeling like some feremented rice (a.k.a. sake) this is the place for you. 

Sushi Train

Viaduct Harbour

No surprises here Sushi Train is in fact a sushi train. Who would've guessed? They have a wide range of rolls, but if you're a fussy eater you can also choose your own combo to be hand rolled. Plus, they have a selection of platters so you can taste a little bit of everything. And, if you need something to heat you up on these cold winter days then you can order hot dishes, namely udon, gyoza dumplings, calamari, octapus puffs and more. 

Daruma Sushi Go Round

Botany, Albany

Daruma Sushi Go Round has the most creative name of the bunch by far, so that’s a plus. Go round to Daruma and you’ll get the traditional kaiten sushi bar experience with the freshest seafood sourced from the neighbouring market. Although they also have the not-so-traditional offering of KFC (kaarage fried chicken). Being watched by Daruma dolls everywhere you’ll leave with a full stomach and a whole lotta good luck. 

Sushi Factory

Auckland CBD

The aptly named Sushi Factory churn out a lot more than just sushi. They should be your new go-to for to satisfy all your Japanese cravings. As well as the fact they have a sushi train, they also serve bento boxes, donburi and udon. The sweet and savoury side options include miso, edamame and green tea ice cream.. sounds interesting right?

Tomi Ro


Outside NorthWest shopping centre sits Tomi Ro, known for its sushi train and robata grill. For the health conscious they also have rice with its skin on (brown rice). For the health unconscious they have some naughty oil-coated options like popcorn chicken, sweet soy popcorn chicken and popcorn prawns. Yum!

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