Here’s Where To Find Auckland’s Best Tasting Menus With Wine Matches

By Urban List Writers
26th Nov 2018

Here's Where To Find Auckland's Best Tasting Menus With Wine Matches

There’s nothing quite like a session of wining and dining to make you feel like you’re living the high life. The dishes that come out of the kitchen, one after the other only use the finest of ingredients and are portioned and timed perfectly. The exquisite food alone gets you on a high but then it’s taken to another level with matching to elevate the experience. Swirl your glass and take your time to enjoy the different flavours  of each dish.

Here's where to find Auckland's best tasting menus with wine matches.



Not only is Cibo an award-winning restaurant for their amazing food but the romantic ambience and gorgeous layout makes them one of the best wedding and event venues in Auckland. Open for more 20 years, Cibo has become one of the top restaurants in our city. The tasting menu offers an impressive selection of different cuts of meat—from duck to veal—with the option to take each dish up a notch with a wine pairing.



Sid Sahrawat, chef and owner of top restaurant Cassia, offers a much more intimate dining experience at his Ponsonby restaurant, Sidart. The Chef’s Table is for the highly intrigued guest wanting to witness the cooking process right in front of them. Each ingredient and element is explained before a wine pairing is added.  



Switch things up and trade in the pairings of wine for Japanese sake. Cocoro is tucked away in a quieter area of Ponsonby and offers an intimate experience. With a maximun of 40 people, Cocoro has a range of different courses from degustation, sushi and sashimi course and the signature course. All of them offer the option to pair the dishes with authentic Japanese sake, Japanese plum wine or just the classic wines. If you think sashimi is fresh on its own, wait until you try it between sips of sake—sashimi will never be the same!


Freemans Bay

If you’re looking for dishes that are unique and innovative, Clooney is for you. The tasting degustation menu consists of dishes that cannot be found anywhere else. Head chef Nobu Lee’s creations are inspired from cuisines from all over the world such as Taipei and Tokyo and married with the freshest ingredients and produce New Zealand has to offer. The seven-course degustation menu includes a killer dish of tender duck and burnt honey and it is truly other-worldly. You have the option to pair these dishes of beauty with premium quality wine to take it next level. 

The Grove

Auckland CBD

You can’t call yourself and Auckland foodie if you haven’t dined at The Grove. Open for almost 15 years, The Grove has a strong name as one of the best restaurants in Auckland. Their menu is constantly changing, depending on the seasonal availability of produce and ingredients, ensuring the food is fresh and of high quality. The tasting menu offers up to nine courses of pure deliciousness and is an experience you will never forget. From multiple overseas trips, owner Michael has studyied the world of wine, and adds his favourites to match the tasting menu.

One Tree Grill


Located in Epsom, One Tree Grill has the vibes of an inner-city bistro. It’s laid back, relaxed but still buzzing. One Tree Grill’s tasting menu lets you to channel your inner carnivore and  taste all the meats. From duck, fish, eye fillet and venison tartare, One Tree Grill has it all. For an extra $59 you can match each meat to a glass of wine. An eye fillet with a smooth glass of red wine? Perfection. 

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Image Credit: Jaiden Bhaga

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