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Auckland’s Best Tinder Date Spots

By Ben Tunui
11th Jul 2017

where to have a date in auckland

Ok, it’s official, you’re going on your first Tinder date and you simply have no idea what to do—something fun, not too tiring and not too boring and well… let’s admit it…awkward first dates are inevitable so that’s almost impossible to avoid. BUT, boy-oh-boy, do we have you covered with some of Auckland’s finest Tinder date locations. You’ll thank us later…

Imperial Lane


Here at TUL, we’re suckers for the perfect flat white—which you’re bound to find when you’re within the vicinity of Imperial Lane. Hidden just off of Fort Lane, in the heart of Auckland’s CBD, is this little gem of a coffee shop.

Indulge in a flat white with your potential bae, whilst listening and seeing what Auckland’s “finest” have to offer. Make sure to get in there before the mist-filled hours of 10pm on a Saturday or else you’ll find yourself bombarded by drunken-students asking you for a durrie.

Despite all of that chaos, Imperial Lane offers a nice, chilled environment—fit for you and your Tinder date to get to know each other just that little bit better. You never know where you may end up…


Federal Street

Listen up lads—although the bill may be more than a little bit over what you earn in a week, this is the perfect place to woo that special girl of yours, or guy, whichever floats your boat.

Al Brown’s infamous restaurant located right next to SkyCity Grand Hotel (for those of you who want to make that night extraaaa special), Depot will have you wanting more, with some of New Zealand’s finest oysters and wine on offer. Maybe even sneak over to The Fed for a sneaky piece of cheesecake to share with your date.

We promise to have that special someone swooning after this date, perhaps use this list to execute a potential second date…

The Gardens


Offering both yourself and your date a variety of alcoholic bevvy’s, The Gardens is the perfect place to rug up and indulge in some of Takapuna’s finest cocktails.

In our opinion, a few light drinks never go astray when on a first date—they even tend to break the ice a bit, which is definitely what you need. Start off a good ole’ sangria, followed into the hard stuff, because who doesn’t like to impress on the first date—right?!

End the night with a few waters to calm that slight hangover, and maybe even a bowl of their shoestring fries. Now that you’re a tad tipsy, we’ll leave the rest of the night in your hands.

Go get ‘em tiger!

Tandem Biking

Mission Bay

Mission Bay’s famous ‘tandem bikes’ are sure to provide you and your potential bae some quality banter and laughs on your first date. Maybe even start the day off with a spot of ice cream before you getting into some bike-filled action.

Ride the tandems around the glorious environment that Mission Bay has to offer, because, let’s face it, you can’t beat it on a sunny day. Gear up in that active wear, chuck on a helmet and rent out that tandem bike for a low cost of $12 for an hour of biking—which we guarantee you will get sick of within 30 minutes.

Once you’ve got the swing of things, make sure to bike round the bays in the attempt to find that perfect #gram. It may even be one to show the kids…

Happy biking xx

Auckland Art Gallery

Auckland CBD

Whether you be an arsty person yourself or just enjoy observing it, the Auckland Art Gallery is sure to provide you with everything you need in a first date.

Start the day off by grabbing a coffee for you and your date, followed by a little visit to the gift shop—gifts sure are the way to our heart.

In our opinion, the Art Gallery is the perfect place to get conversation going—which is exactly what you need on a first date, especially if you’re wanting the dish and the nitty gritty details on that special someone. Plus, if you both agree that a piece of art is beyond weird—you’ve already got something in common.

Finish the day off with a ‘gram, because you can never go wrong with looking a little #cultured.

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Image Credit: How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

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