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Auckland’s Best Wine Bars

By Martha Brooke
1st Jun 2017

Wine, wine, glorious wine. We crave a glass after a tough week (day) at work, we slurp its deliciousness down with (almost) every meal and we dream about it on most weekends (before bathing in it on a Saturday night). While there’s nothing wrong with opening a bottle with your bestie on a Sunday arvo, it’s still kinda nice to swap your comfy onesie for the dimly-lit sultriness of a wine bar IRL. Here are our favourite wine bars in Auckland.


Stafford Road Wine Bar


Tucked away from prying eyes and the hustle and bustle of the city grind, in the quaint and boutique ‘burb of Northcote Point, you’ll find Stafford Road Wine Bar. From the outside, this local hot spot wouldn’t look out of place in a European city. With wooden tables brimming with carafes of vino, rustic bare brick exteriors and a welcoming atmosphere to boot, prepare to pounce on any free spot available! There’s hanging chandeliers overhead and deep brown leather couches screaming to be sunk into as well as a bountiful bar—let’s just say your wine time just got a whole lot better. With a short yet sweet vino menu boasting a well-researched and delightful selection and with waiters serving exquisite food all around, you may just stay a little longer than expected!

Didas Wine Lounge


Didas Wine Lounge is the place to go if you want to broaden your horizons and discover new varieties of wine. The staff on hand are extremely knowledgeable in their craft and are more than happy to offer their expertise in helping you find the ‘one.’ Choose either the quick menu for a short snippet of their selection or go hard with the journal to delve deep into the cellar. With more wine than you can pop a cork at and with a selection of complimentary tapas food, Didas is a one-stop-shop for all things good.

The Wine Cellar

Karangahape Road

Tucked away down the tiled steps of St Kevin’s Arcade and among the cute and ever edgy cafes and stores, you’ll find the dimly-lit The Wine Cellar engulfed in a tranquil red glow. With patterned rugs underfoot and vintage lampshades adorning this underground space, you couldn’t feel cosier if you tried. Well, some slippers might help, but we can’t have everything! With a menu boasting everything you could possibly need, from your go-to fruity Sauvs to robust reds, ordering a glass of the good stuff couldn’t be easier. If your friends aren’t as passionate about wine as you, The Wine Cellar also serve up a cracking selection of craft beer too. If you’re lucky, a local band or artist will be hitting the mic and serenading you while you sip!

Beresford Square Wine Bar


Nestled just off the iconic Karangahape Road, you’ll find Beresford Square Wine Bar. Boasting an ever-so-friendly, warm and welcoming atmosphere, they specialise and nail everything to do with our favourite tipple—wine. Whether you consider yourself a bit of a vino connoisseur or will wholeheartedly admit that you thought that a tannin was an exotic vegetable, never fear, Beresford Square Wine Bar have got your back. With a menu organised by flavour, even newbies can easily order in a glass guaranteed to make them smile instead of wincing. With rare and worldly wines on offer, you may just have to spend your evening working your way through them all. Damn!

Wine Chambers


Located in Shortland Street’s historic General Buildings, the exterior of the Wine Chambers isn’t the only thing that’s grand and magnificent—just wait until you get inside. Through high-roofed arches and opulent decor, make your way to the beautiful bar and get ready to indulge in some of the best wine you will ever experience. Predominantly sourced from Kiwi vineyards (go us!) and with a few speciality Australian and European varieties making the list, sip happily knowing that only the best have made this extensive menu. If enjoying a glass or two of incredible wine wasn’t already enough, discovering that each variety can be paired with their exquisite dishes is enough to make you stay that little longer.

Jervois Road Wine Bar + Kitchen

Herne Bay

Let’s face it—Jervois Road is a complete hot spot for everything you could possibly need. Their cafe game is seriously strong (hello Dear Jervois!), they have beautiful boutique stores but it’s also home to Jervois Road Wine Bar + Kitchen. With an expertly curated list, guests can sip on artisan and luxury varieties all night long. All that drinking is bound to work up an appetite, and with delicious shared platters of charcuterie and cheeses, we can't think of a better combo!

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Image credit: Griffin Simm

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