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Auckland’s Getting A Horror Festival!

By Ava Wardecki
11th Aug 2017

Auckland's Getting A Horror Festival!

Watch your back, Aucklanders. Things are about to go bump in the night.

Coming to Auckland to scare the living bajeezus out of us is the one and only Hell Horror Fest NZ! Promising to be every bit as spine-tingling as it sounds, this spookstravaganza is not to be missed by all you thrill seekers and horror-heads out there.

For a whole week from October 31 through to Saturday Nov 4, Auckland’s ASB Show Grounds is getting a total terror takeover as the Hell Horror Fest puts on what can only be described as THE BEST Halloween shindig ever: a haunted horror maze AND a series of good ol’ drive-in horror films!

Each night kicks off with screams and shivers as you make your way around the festival’s purpose built horror maze, made to match the theme of the film each night. Here you’ll be living out your very own horror movie scene nightmare as you get lost in a myriad of haunted rooms and corridors while being terrorised by the spooky souls lurking within.

After you’ve caught your breath and wiped that sweat off your forehead, it’s time to lock yourself in the safety of your own car and spend the rest of the evening watching the film of the night! Over each night of the week, there’ll be a different nail-biting, hair-raising flick on show to suit all fears and film fetishes: from old school classics like Nightmare On Elm Street right through to this year’s newbies like Jigsaw, Annabelle: Creation and IT (for all you clown-phobes out there).

Of course, as this spook-tastic event is brought to us by our mates at Hell Pizza, you can be sure that while your lungs may empty from all that screeching, your belly will stay nice and full!

It’s safe to say that you’re not gonna get much shut-eye this week with all this exciting stuff going on (and the fact that, let’s face it, you’ll be too shit scared to flick off the light).

Forget scraping together a last minute costume to impress the trick-or-treaters, this year Halloween is being spent being how it should be—with screams, shivers and spooks galore!

The Deets:

What: Hell Horror Fest NZ

When: Tuesday Oct 31- Saturday November 4 2017

Where: ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane

Image credit: IT Movie

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