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Auckland’s Getting A Hot Dog Eating Competition!

By Albert Cho
16th Apr 2018

Auckland’s Getting A Hot Dog Eating Competition

How many hot dogs can you devour in the space of ten minutes? Find out at Alexandra Park’s American Night—if you’re up for it!

American Night is going to take place on Friday 20th April at Alexandra Park where everything will be decked out in an All-American style. From Donald Trump impersonators, New Orleans-inspired Bourbon Street to food stalls and jazz bands, this night will be an absolute American dream.

The hot dog eating competition is a highly-awaited event of the night and to make it even better, Nela Zisser has confirmed her participation in the race. For all of you who don’t know of Nela Zisser, let us give you a little introduction…she’s a competitive eater who is capable of consuming a 10,000 calorie English breakfast in one sitting, 36 Crème Eggs and 45 cheese burgers in under an hour. Wowsie!

If you think you can out-eat the food inhaling champ, click here to reserve a spot and show us all what you’ve got! All of you who aren’t up for the challenge, don’t you fear as American Night isn’t all about consuming an excessive amount of calories. There will also be harness racing action and classic cars to enhance the American vibe and keep you entertained throughout the night.

For more information of the evening, click here.

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Image Credit: Gourmet Poshdog

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