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Auckland’s Getting Its First Reclining Cinema!

By Courtney Nuyad
1st Jun 2017

We’ve all heard the phrase, “kick back and relax” whenever we’ve gone to watch a live play, performance or film. But it's not that easy with your back straight in uncomfy chairs, right? And while some cinemas have comfy chairs at the back of their theatres, HOYTS Wairau Park has dedicated an ENTIRE multiplex cinema for our relaxing pleasure. Yep—it's filled with reclining seats!

We’ve all been there before—as soon as we see the screen fade to black and the closing credits roll, we get up from our seats and stretch after leaning our backs against those rigid cinema seats. Movie-goers can now sit through a two-hour film without having to shuffle every two minutes to find a comfortable position.

Ever wanted to rest your feet on the seat in front of you only to soon discover that it’s someone else’s allocated seat? Worry no more because now your own reclining seat gives space for you spread out without disturbing those surrounding you!

Your La-Z-Boy back home may provide you with some comfort but it doesn’t come with a massive cinema screen, exceptional surround sound, a table top and a cup holder! The best part? It doesn’t cost a single cent more than the price of a standard ticket to have your own reclining seat cinema experience! So head to HOYTS Wairau Park for the your most relaxing movie experience yet!

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