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8 Awesome Auckland Charities To Get Behind

By Albert Cho
28th May 2018

8 Awesome Auckland Charities To Get Behind

Are you looking to give back to the community? Interested in squeezing in a bit of purpose-searching in your weekly timetable? Or simply want to stretch your tax dollar that little bit further? Then investing your time and/or money into a local Auckland charity is the way to go. Luckily, our city is home to a number of worthwhile charities that are always open to a helping hand or a donation.

Here are seven awesome Auckland charities and non-for-profits to get behind.

Everybody Eats

Food wastage is a huge problem and founder of Everybody Eats Nick Loosley decided to do something about it! Every Monday, Everybody Eats joins forces with Gemmayze Street and make the most of the food that would’ve otherwise gone to waste. They cook up a feast for everyone to enjoy and you pay how much or how little you want, if at all. For every $10 they make, they can provide three restaurant quality, three-course meals for the people in need. So, next time you’re brainstorming a place to eat on a Monday, goodness at Gemmayze St is waiting for you!

Good Works Trust

Just like their name says, Good Works Trust is a charitable trust on the North Shore, dedicated to doing nothing but good for their community! They do all sorts of things to make the world a better place for everyone, such as delivering emergency food parcels to families in need, Christmas food shops so everyone has the chance to get festive and even family events at Parakai Hot Pools! Good Works Trust is all about positivity and they show that through their actions that focus on enhancing the raw and priceless things in life such as family. To get involved and receive further information, click here.

Auckland City Mission

Everybody has their own story and every story has strong value and meaning. This is exactly what Auckland City Mission embody as they care for each individual no matter what their circumstances are. Whether you’re a struggling addict, homeless, abuse victim or an isolated elderly, Auckland City Mission is there to help. Their services include health care centers, crisis care centers, distribution services, elderly services, homeless services and social detoxification services and provide effective advocacy. They are using every fiber of their being to make a difference to Auckland society and you can too by giving a donation or volunteering at their events.

Eat My Lunch

Children need to spend their free time fuelled for the playground and fields and Eat My Lunch are giving all Kiwi kids the energy and nutrients they need. Every lunch you buy from Eat My Lunch, they give one away to a kid who really needs it while filling your own tummy too! These lunches are both nutritious, filling and super yum so it’s a win-win situation where everybody walks away happy!


Bellyful is a charity where volunteers get together every month and cook up a feast—otherwise known as a Cookathon—and deliver it to families in need, particularly those who are struggling to adjust with a new-born baby or ill family member. With a number of locations spread around Auckland, you can either offer them a small financial donation so they have the supplies to work their magic in the kitchen with. Either that or you could really get amongst it and be a cook in their next Cookathon!

Compost Collective

Speaking of waste, we have to give a shout out to the team at The Compost Collective! According to their website, half of the rubbish that New Zealand households are actually compostable and food waste alone comes to 90,000 tonnes each year! Nobody creates waste with the intention of harming the planet, most of us just aren’t knowledgeable when it comes to this sort of thing! Well, fear no more as The Compost Collective is here to educate and show us the best ways to make the most out of our waste and save further damage to the environment. Remember that giving back to the community isn’t only about the people, we have to look after Mother Nature too!

Cure Kids

Cure Kids are a charitable organisation who focus on finding more and more medical research and information on diseases that have a huge impact on children. Not sure if you all know this but medical research is EXPENSIVE which is why our donations can make a difference! Money isn’t the only way to help Cure Kids, you can even volunteer at one of their many events held all around the country including Auckland, where you show the children of New Zealand a good time!


We can't forget about our furry little friends, they need love and care too! The SPCA dedicate to caring for the animals that are in need. Animals that have no homes, that have been abused and are living with illnesses are taken under the wing of th SPCA to rehabilitate, recover and hopefully find a secure place where they get to call home. There are lots of different ways you could show your support to the animal charity organisation. Donations are one way to help but adopting a pet from one of their shelters around Auckland is the way to go. This way you both have new companions!


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