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Beauty Dummy | We Try Multimaksing

By Tayla Mitchell
5th Jul 2017

I’m going to tell you a secret, are you ready? One mask is never enough. Oh no...which is why multimasking is now the must-do of any solid beauty routine. 

And what exactly is multimasking? It is when you use different masks to target various facial skin needs at the same time.

So on a really crappy Friday night, I took a drink (half lemonade half orange juice, I know wild night) and put multimasking to the test.

I used the new L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks. There are three masks in the collection: detoxifying and brightening, purifying and mattifying, and exfoliating and smoothing. You can use any masks that target concerns that you have.

To start, I used the exfoliating, which has red clay in it, on my forehead which is where they recommend. Then I used the green mattifying mask on my cheeks and nose as this is where I can get quite oily.  Finally, I used the charcoal detoxifying on my chin as I had a few breakouts and bumps to draw out (which sounds really gross but true).

I did what it said on the box…well sort of…they always say to use a thin layer. Me? I say lather that stuff on! There’s no need to go overboard, but I want a decent amount. I think you’re putting it on for a reason, so don’t faff around putting it on thinly.

we try multimasking

The box said to leave the masks on for 10 minutes. So, naturally I did what most people do with face masks—put it on and did something else and forget about it until 30 minutes later.

Once I felt the product had hardened enough and I could no longer comfortably laugh at the cat videos I was watching on Facebook, I washed them off.

Damn did my skin feel good! It was smooth and healthy looking, and it felt like it was really clean on my chin which is where I had the charcoal mask. It was great.

So, I decided that one time wasn’t enough for me, I wanted a bigger slice of this multimasking pie. A few nights later, after a very stressful day at university, I multimasked again, living life on the edge here.

Only this time, I didn’t use the red clay exfoliating mask, as I felt my skin didn’t really need it. So I used the mattifying one on my forehead and my chin and the charcoal detoxifying one on my cheeks and nose.

Just like the first time my skin felt smoother, cleaner, my pores had tightened.

Let’s confirm—one mask really isn’t enough.

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Model: Nina Franklin  |   Photography: Jaiden Bhaga

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