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Bendon Is Giving Away Free Bras Tomorrow!

By Ava Wardecki
18th Aug 2017

Bendon Is Giving Away Free Bras Tomorrow!

Oh the handy, humble, trusty bra. Just like a good friend, you can always count on it to give you the support you need even when you can’t quite see or feel it there. Push-up, half-cup, satin, lacy or daggy and sweat stained—no matter what the fabric, these legendary little lovelies have always got your back (and front too, in this case!)

It’s safe to say that us ladies can’t seem to get enough of these lacy little helpers. And who can blame us?! One for the gym, another for under that slightly see-through white tee and let’s not forget that hella sexy one reserved for hot dates. There’s bras galore for every occasion under the sun and our lingerie drawers cant seem to ever be filled with enough of them!

Lucky for us lingerie lovers, the folks at Bendon understand that building up a bra collection is serious business and are giving away FREE bras to help us do just that! Yep, you read that 100% right—free bras are a thing and it’s all going down this Saturday in Auckland!

To celebrate the launch of the new and uuuuber cool Bendon Body line starring our homegrown netball queen Kayla Cullen, Bendon is launching their ‘Great Bra Buy Back’ initiative. Keeping with the range’s theme of being ultra innovative, this initiative is all about outing the old and reeling in the new!

Now how can you go about getting your paws on a new brassiere? Dig out your old, uncomfortable, unwanted bras (you know, the one that cuts the flood flow in your back and leaves you with serious boob spillage) and be one of the first 100 people to bring it in to Farmers St Lukes and you’ll be able to swap it for a brand spanking new one!

Time to wave ta-ta to your old dust-gathering lingerie, and hello your fancy new Bendon Body tata helpers!

The Deets:

What: Bendon Body's Great Bra Buy Back

When: Saturday August 19

Where: Farmers St Lukes

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