Best Places To Chuck A Sickie In Auckland

By Martha Brooke
15th May 2017

Best Places To Chuck A Sickie In Auckland

Cough, cough. Oh yeah, we’re definitely feeling a hangov—we mean—“head cold” coming on. Lucky for us, it’s basically a Kiwi right of passage to chuck a sickie (more than once in your life too).

Whether you plan to catch up on Netflix, do some day-tripping fun around Auckland, or want to soldier on with a boozy bender (no judgement here), we’ve got you covered. Well, except for that foolproof excuse you’ll need when you email your boss.

Here are the best spots to chuck a good ol’ Kiwi sickie in Auckland.

Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo is the last place you’d expect to stumble across your boss (unless they’ve pulled a fast one too!) Brimming with exotic animals, Kiwi treasures (and now you) get ready to feel at one with nature. Become a tourist in your own city and get set to wear your smug smile in your selfie with the sea-lions! Just don't post it to social media!

Bethells Beach

Drive out to Bethells and fill those lungs with the intoxicating sea breeze. After all, fresh air is important when you're feeling too sick for work, hey? Explore, relax and take a dip (if you dare!) in this vast, West Auckland area. Also, with so much space there'll be no chance of bumping into Karen from accounting!

Revel Cafe

Away from the hustle and bustle of K'Road lies Revel Cafe. Full of vegan, veggie and other deliciousness, your tum will go wild. Head down to the back, past the tables and counter to the tucked-away couches. Order in some tasty food, set up your laptop and get ready to be a rebel at Revel!

Uptown Bounce

Bounce your guilt away as you take to the trampolines at Uptown Bounce! Unless you happen to stumble upon your office team building sesh, you have nothing to lose! With the kids at school, adults at work, you may even have the park to yourself! Tumble, flip and jump your way around as those looming reports leave your mind! Deadlines, what deadlines?

Mount Eden

For a dose of fresh air in the city, stroll to the top of Mount Eden. Try and spot your office from above as you laugh at your colleagues' misfortune of having to work. And remember it will, in fact, be you tomorrow. Damn! Oh well, soak in the views, pack some snacks and settle down for the afternoon.

Mondays Wholefoods

You're gonna need nutritious and delicious food on this guilt-ridden day. Where better to chow down than Mondays Wholefoods Eatery? Tucked off Kingsland's main strip, this healthy eatery is the perfect place to hide away. With a vine-draped cafe and cute courtyard, find yourself a quiet corner, away from prying eyes. Order in some yummy grub, hide behind the newspaper and enjoy your naughtiness!

Devonport Library

Take a trip to Devonport Library for a relaxing, yet educational hideout. It has curved cubbies, beanbags and ample reading material, so prepare to get comfy! Hide your face in a great book and hey, if you get caught, you were only ‘furthering your learning!’ Win, win!

The Gin Room

All that taking care of yourself and TLC has taken its toll. The only remedy you need is a drink. Instead of exposing yourself in the wine aisle of your local store, wait for that 5 pm tick of the clock and meet your hard-working friends in the Gin Room. Dimly lit and with plenty of dark corners to hide in, this CBD bar is the perfect place to lay low. Order in a glass of the good stuff and watch your ‘sickness’ disappear. And who knows, you may have to call in sick the next day due to the hangover you’re about to get!

Academy Cinema

If you've managed to time your sickie right, head down to Academy Cinemas. Every Wednesday, this Auckland gem holds $5 movie screenings! Oh, and did we mention it's underground? Unless they've followed you in, you won't have to worry about bumping into your boss. Recline, enjoy and pass the popcorn!

Fly To Queenstown

If you want to go all out, what better to do so than to skip town altogether? Get that excuse in quick, book a flight and get your (sick) self over to Queenstown. Call it unrealistic if you will, but a day frolicking in the snow is a day well spent. Feeling super naughty? Drag that excuse out for another day or two for even more vacay fun!

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