Auckland’s Best Poutine

By Olivia Atkinson
1st Feb 2019

Best Poutine Auckland

Poutine—a trifecta of naughty ingredients resulting in a pretty perfect treat. All delicious on their own, but put them together and you get a serious party in a bowl. Cheese curds and gravy loaded on top of a bowl of fries. Best fries eva. It might sound disgusting on many levels—but somehow, it works. Hailing from French Canada, this is diner food at its finest. Now, poutine has become pretty renowned in Auckland thanks to the city’s favourite deli The Federal Delicatessen. But that’s not the only place to offer these plates of goodness—here’s a round up of the best joints in Auckland where you can try poutine for yourself.

The Federal Delicatessen

Auckland CBD

The Fed’s moreish poutine is gaining a serious following, so jump on the bandwagon. The menu says to “trust them on this”, and they’re not wrong—grab a large size (or two) for your table to indulge in true-North American style portions. That salty chicken gravy will bring you back time and time again for this dish your arteries just wish you would hate. Every single fry is crispy, crunchy and golden and soaks to gravy to the perfect level, seriously not to be missed.

Al’s Deli

Auckland CBD

Pimp your poutine at Al’s Deli by adding smoked brisket to your gravy-laden bowl. Al’s Deli also offers a veggie version for our herbivorous friends. The deli is truly authentic with owner Al hailing from Montreal himself. So if you’re after the real deal when it comes to this bowl of gluttony, look no further.  

The Longroom

Grey Lynn

The Longroom’s poutine comes with slightly thicker fries if that’s your jam and is a great addition to the table for your next drinking sesh. Guaranteed to soak up all those accompanying beverages as you lounge in The Longroom’s sun-drenched courtyard. Also available on their late night menu for those late-night greasy cravings.

The Lumsden Freehouse


Grab some of the bacon gravy-drowned poutine at The Lumsden Freehouse. The fries here are infamously good and are a perfect match to a post-work beer. They grill the poutine here so it’s all melted into an even bigger mess than normal (in the best way possible of course) So wrong… it’s right.

Fokker Bros

Viaduct CBD

No cheat day is complete without a trip to Fokker Bros as they serve some of the most epic grub and town. Fried mac n’ cheese balls, hot dogs, greasy burgers and yes, poutine! Their poutine comes out of the kitchen ooey and gooey as the cheese is fully melted all over the gravy and golden fried potatoes. The potatoes soak up all the gravy to make it a softer and moreish and it’s absolutely delish. Do yourselves a favour and add it to your order!

Franc’s Bar & Diner


There’s something on the menu for literally everyone at Franc’s. The health nuts can go for the salads and smoothies and the rest of us can opt for their specialty poutine. What makes Franc’s poutine special is that they use tater tot hash bites instead of the classic shoestring fries. The hash bites absorb all the flavours and gravy juice and it is seriously next level.

Phillipe’s Poutine

Food Truck

Phillipe’s Poutine treats Aucklanders with a poutine food truck and this stuff is damn tasty. Their classic poutine fries are good but let’s just get started on their loaded pork belly poutine as it is a one of a kind. The pork belly has been braised for up to 12 hours and to enhance the flavours, they add a sprinkle of garlic, chilli, soy and maple syrup.

The Dairy


The Dairy in the middle of Ponsonby Central are masters of all things cheese, so it’s little surprise that the amazing squeaky cheese curds in their poutine set this one apart. 10/10. The Dairy also sells fresh cheese curds if you want to DYI a bowl of this naughtiness at home.


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