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Expand Your Mind With These 6 Iconic Space Documentaries

By Natasha Gamra
27th Mar 2020

It’s a big fat human instinct to marvel at the universe, to question everything you know about the world and flex your knowledge on all things space. To save you time on the scrolling side of things, we’ve rounded up every iconic documentary about the cosmos available in NZ so you can spend less time on casual banter topics like death-trap planets and more time getting your head around general relativity.

Here are 6 iconic space documentaries you need to binge your way through.


For those looking for space documentaries of the uber-controversial kind, Unacknowledged is for you. Noted UFO expert Dr Steven Greer 9 (and founder of the Disclosure Project) interviews a bunch of witnesses and presents classified documents concerning the existence of extraterrestrials. This one delves into classified UFO data and government cover-ups and even though it’s controversial, it’s juiced up with some big claims. Head here to watch it.

The Most Unknown

The Most Unknown is the ultimate documentary that shoots nine scientists into extraordinary parts of the world to uncover answers to some of humanity’s biggest questions. This gem pushes the boundaries on how science storytelling is tackled in a big way which means you’ll be schooled on all things dark matter in no time. Head here to watch it.

Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes Of Apollo

For those who know about the failure of Apollo 13, this documentary is focusing not on the astronauts, but those behind the shuttle. Those who were in mission control and had to use not only their knowledge but also strength to get those men home safely. Head here to watch Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes Of Apollo.

The Mars Generation

This Netflix special documentary showcases the non-profit organisation that involves advocating the STEM education system for school students. We know heading to Mars is something that no one on Earth has conquered yet, but with the educational insights that this program is feeding to these teenagers, that day might not be far off. This documentary shows how the teens are taught how to handle problems that can arise in space exploration as well as bringing to light the deadline that they’re given for this journey. Head here to watch it.

The Last Man On The Moon

Recently deceased astronaut Eugene Cernan was known as The Last Man On The Moon, just as the title of this documentary suggests. On his expedition in December 1972, he was able to take a walk outside, writer his daughter’s initials and leave his footprints in the lunar dust. This exclusive interview highlights the struggles, successes and everything in between that came with this mission.


Narrated by Leonardo di Caprio, this documentary follows seven astronauts who are boarding the Space Shuttle Atlantis in order to repair the Hubble Telescope. This documentary shows images of our Earth in amazing detail. You'll get to see at first hand just how important this telescope is in regards to how we can view our universe. Head here to watch Hubble.

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Image credit: National Geographic

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