Scope Out The Best Tools To Keep You Inspired While Working From Home

By Emma Edwards
23rd Mar 2020

work from home tools

As the COVID-19 outbreak progresses, more and more of us are finding ourselves faced with the task of working from home. You might be slowly realising that despite what the movies tell you, working from home isn’t exactly the pyjama party you dreamed it would be. It’s less of the snuggling in bed and more of a desperate search for motivation. But, do it right, and working from home can be a welcome break from the hustle of your usual routine.

Check out our top five tools to keep you inspired while working from home.

Tomato Timer

If you ever find yourself struggling to get more than 10 minutes of solid work done before heading back to the fridge to forage for snacks, you need the Tomato Timer. Based on the Pomodoro technique, the timer involves working in bursts of 25 minutes. Focus for a short time, and when the bell rings—it’s snack time.


Need an accountability partner? FocusMate teams you up with another work-from-homer somewhere in the world for a 50 minute session of deep work. You’ll hop on the call, introduce yourselves, set a goal, and then get to work. It’s like virtual coworking! If the idea of virtual coworking with a total stranger freaks you out almost as much as the virus itself, try dialing in a coworker on FaceTime instead.


Zoom is a video calling powerhouse that no work-from-homer should be without. You can set up calls with your team, your clients, your boss, and even run webinars to people all over the world. Even if you don’t make calls in your role, it’s worth setting up. Use it to check in with your coworkers or other friends working from home, to foster a sense of community during this crazy time.


24Me is kinda like your calendar app on steroids. Its organisational flex means you can plan your day, drag and drop calls or schedules, and even set reminders. You’ll never get caught having to join a forgotten conference call in your PJs again.


Feeling overwhelmed with having to keep yourself accountable? Todoist frees up your mental space and helps you plan your days and weeks all in one place. You can set it up for teams, too!

Phew! Bet you never knew you could be this productive. With all that wasted time zapped out of your life, you’ll be able to kick back and go armchair travelling with these nine virtual experiences around the world.

Emma is a finance blogger at The Broke Generation and a reformed spendaholic. She shares hot tips on saving, property, tax, career and investing for millennials who want to break the spending cycle and get on top of their money.

Image Credit: Brooke Cagle

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