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Feed Your Wanderlust At Home With 6 Of The Best Travel Movies On Netflix

By Morgan Reardon
25th Mar 2020

Ibiza Netflix

Cancelled an upcoming holiday? Us too. And we want you to know, it’s ok to be sad about it, because escapes are what we work and save for. But because your health and that of those around you is the number one priority right now, we’re staying indoors for the foreseeable future and looking for other outlets to fuel our wanderlust.

Step forward Netflix, who fortunately have a slew of movies that will take you all around the world from the comfort of your couch. And even better, they might inspire your next holiday, because, eventually we will travel again.   

Grab the popcorn, here are the best travel movies on Netflix. 


This Oscar-winning flick is an absolute must-see. Based on director Alfonso Cuarón's childhood spent in Mexico City, this movie is a visual feast. Set in the 70s, ROMA is shown through the eyes of Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio), a live-in nanny inspired by the one who helped to raise Cuarón. The storyline follows Cleo and fellow nanny Adela as their lives intertwine with the brood of children they raise, family drama, an unexpected pregnancy and political drama. It’s heart-breaking and uplifting all at once. 

Up In The Air

If you’re missing airports and the excitement (and duty-free shopping) they bring, then you’ll want to fire up Netflix and start watching Up In The Air. The drama follows Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) whose job it is to fly around the country firing employees on behalf of failing companies. But while he’s a seasoned pro, new recruit Natalie (Anna Kendrick) begins shadowing him and threatens to steal his job from underneath him. Expect drama with a splash of romance. 



If you had big plans for a Euro summer spent partying it up on the island of Ibiza then this flick will have you raving in your living room. The flick follows Harper (Gillian Jacobs) who is sent to Spain for an important work meeting. But when her hard-partying pals decide to tag along, they convince her to take a little sojourn to party mecca Ibiza where she has a holiday romance with one of the world’s biggest DJs, played by Game Of Thrones Richard Madden. This one has feel-good fun written all over it. 

Notting Hill

We’ve lost track of the number of times we’ve watched this romantic flick, but now that we’re isolating we’re even more thankful for it, and its stunning vistas of London’s sweetest hood, Notting Hill. The flick tells the story of how a chance encounter between a successful but lonely Hollywood icon (Julia Roberts) and an awkward but charming bookstore owner forges an unlikely romance. If you plan on creating your own Notting Hill adventure in the future, head here for the info (read: bars and pubs) you need.

Midnight In Paris

Time travel and Paris? Sign us up! The movie follows Hollywood screenwriter Gill Pender (Owen Wilson) who is desperately trying to finish his first novel while on holiday in Paris with his fiancée Inez, who dismisses Gill’s passion as a silly hobby. Disheartened by this, he goes for a stroll around Paris at midnight and is waved into an old school car by a group of people dressed in 1920s fashion. Whisked away to a party where the guest list includes the likes of Cole Porter and Scott Fitzgerald, Gill realises he’s stumbled upon some form of time travel. See beautiful Paris in the 20s and modern day, here. And for your holiday planning, check this out

Mamma Mia!

Whether you’re a fan of ABBA or not, you’d be hard-pressed to get through this flick without cracking a serious smile… and planning a future escape to Greece. Set on the Greek Island of Kalokairi, the story follows single mum Donna (played by queen Meryl Streep) who has her idyllic life flipped upside down when her bride-to-be daughter (Amanda Seyfried) invites three of Donna ex-lovers to the wedding. Boasting scenes filled with white-washed buildings, crystal clear water and white sand beaches, this one will fill that travel-shaped hole in your life. For your next holiday, head here to find out which Greek Islands you should explore.

Hungry for more travel adventures? Go check out these nine epic virtual experiences around the world. 

Image credit: Aleksandar Letic/Netflix 

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