Take A Trip With 7 Of The Best Travel Shows You Can Stream Right Now

By Rick Stephens
20th Apr 2020

Neon-lit Tokyo street at night from the best travel shows you can stream

Now that we’re deep in lockdown, that travel itch has probably evolved into an insatiable scratch. Unfortunately, jumping on a plane overseas won’t be on the cards for the next while, but you can take off from the comfort of your couch with seven of the best travel shows that are streaming right now. 

Travel Man

Hosted by comedian Richard Ayoade, Travel Man spends 48 hours in a new city each episode with host and a guest each episode. Hidden between Ayoade’s awkward charm is a deep dive into the cultural nuances of each destination, so take note of names and locations visited for your next trip abroad. There are plenty of highlights throughout the six seasons, but it’s the visit to Istanbul with our very own standup sweetheart Adam Hills that shouldn’t be missed. 

Check it out over on SBS On Demand.

Chef’s Table 

If you’re looking for a way to feed your wanderlust, you can’t go past Chef’s Table. For those who’ve skipped over this title over the past four or so years, each ep focuses on a world-renowned chef and picks apart their craft in fine detail. This one’s highly binge-able; jump in from season one, episode one with Italy’s Massimo Bottura or take a history lesson with Chef Mashama Bailey on the origins of African-American cuisine. 

Find the series on Netflix.

Our Planet

Punch in ‘David Attenborough’ within the search bar and you know the results will yield nothing but A-grade quality documentary, and while much of the productions aren’t exclusively travel-focused, the cinematography alone is enough to get you skimming those flight sites for 2021. Netflix has thrown more money than you could imagine at producing Our Planet, which travels through the epic plains of Africa before weaving through the South American jungle; squint hard enough and it’s almost like you’re there for just a split second.

Dark Tourist 

Dark Tourist takes a lesser-known route across the globe and drops a pin on various ‘alternative’ tourist hotspots. The show is hosted by filmmaker and journalist David Farrier, who is essentially New Zealand’s answer to Louis Theroux; Farrier explores everything from voodoo culture in Africa to a (very) notorious forest outside of Tokyo, Japan.

Check out this ultimate culture shock on Netflix

Going Places With Ernie Dingo

Aussie travel stalwart Ernie Dingo has had his own program over on SBS On Demand for a hot minute now, and this one covers off Australia and Australia only. Considering travel bans will be lifted locally before abroad, Going Places is a worthy contender for your next binge; there are at least several episodes that make their way through Tasmania which should help you curate your next interstate trip down south. 

Wild Japan

Japan has been trending with the millennials of Australia for the past five or so years now, but there’s far more to the land of the rising sun than that robot cafe and fish market you see on almost everyone’s Instagram. Discover Japan’s mainland Honshu in all its glory before heading deep into the forests of the South Western islands. Stream Wild Japan on Stan.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

David Cheng’s latest foray into food-centric travel comes in the form of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, and this one’s just as slick as the acclaimed Ugly Delicious. Like many travel shows produced by the streaming giants, each ep follows the host with a celebrity in tow as they explore the culinary delights of the chosen destination. You can watch all four episodes on Netflix now.

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Image credit: Jezael Melgoza | Unsplash

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