7 Of The Most Inspiring Travel Channels On YouTube Worth A Binge

By Jessica Best
22nd Apr 2020

sailing boar in the middle of tropical ocean

Long live travel vloggers. These unique beings are a constant source of wanderlust and inspiration and provide accessible and sometimes even funny, tips and tricks in the beautiful task of exploring the world.

And though booking a flight halfway across the globe might not be high on your agenda right now, we’ve gone and rounded up the most incredible YouTube channels to binge your way through so you can, you know, click and bookmark for later.

Here are the best YouTube travel accounts to binge your way through.

Sailing La Vagabonde

This channel is hands down a no-brainer. Meet Elayna and Riley (oh, and their adorable bub Lenny), two Aussie lovebirds who decided to set sail with a goal of circumnavigating the globe by sailboat. You’ll get to watch these legends navigate storms and hurricanes, explore deserted islands and even sail with Greta Thunberg.

Lost LeBlanc

He legitimately quit his job to travel the world and now we can’t get enough of Christian LeBlanc. This travel channel is for any budding filmmakers out there and you’ll get to watch incredible footage of this guy exploring Pompeii, diving with sharks, get tattoos from a 102-year-old woman, hit the most luxurious hotels in the world and even spill the tea on how to be a big digital nomad.


One year, this guy, called Louis, decided to make every day an adventure. Now he’s got a sick vault of binge-worthy travel vlogs set to inspire your next adventure. Packed with all the adrenaline-infused excitement like hang-gliding, white-water rafting, skydiving and cliff jumping. He’s been dubbed “the Godfather of daily vlogging” and to be honest, we back it.

Best Ever Food Review Show

If there was some human travelling the entire world to find the weirdest and craziest foods, you’d want us to tell you, right? Well, his name is Sonny and his YouTube Channel goes by the name of Best Ever Food Review Show. He’s got a sweet 4.5 million subscribers and he’s eaten everything from sea penis (stay with us) and worms to $100 spring rolls and giant alien snails. 

Haylsa And Kyle

Okay, Haylsa and Kyle are low-key very annoying people. They’re like those friends you never get to actually see but who are always, and we mean always, travelling someplace, really, truly, bloody awesome. These guys know how to vlog and we’re big fans of this duo. If you’re short on time, hit their videos — they don’t have a whole heap of travel vlogs up yet but these two are on quality over quantity (and yes, you will most definitely feel like booking the next flight to Mallorca after you’ve binge-watched their entire YouTube channel).


Sam Kolder. How do we even begin to describe Sam Kolder? This absolute YouTube icon creates some of the most cinematic travel content in the entire world and basically wrote the rule book on how to film and edit amazing adventure footage. His video span exploring in Cuba, France, India, Mexico, Bali, Greece, Hawaii, Central America, Brazil and yeah — have you started planning your next trip yet?

Allison Anderson

For the solo travellers out there, click your way through Allison Anderson’s insanely addictive travel videos. This girl provides a glorious mix of beautiful travel videos (cue wanderlust) and even a spot of dedicated tips for any other lone wolves out there (it’s not easy, but definitely worth it). She’ll take you to Joshua Tree, through her camera bag, to Oman and even give you some financial lessons she’s learnt on the way.

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Image credit: Elayna Carausu

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