Bro-ga: Why Guys Can (and Should) be Bendy Too

By Clare Acheson
11th Jan 2016

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So let’s talk yoga. It’s a girl-thing, right? Hell no! There are heaps more guys getting into yoga these days, and the art of bendiness is an awesome one to add to your life skills list for a ton of reasons. Here are the six top reasons that back-up why taking up a yoga class and becoming a master bro-gi (yogi + bro = bro-gi) is one of the best things you’ll do this year.

Posture: You’ll Actually Look Better

Posture (ie. standing up straight) can really make or break you, no matter how many handsome points Mother Nature gave you. Aside from toning up and gradually losing weight, yoga improves the strength of your core muscles and realigns your posture, meaning you’ll be making the most of what you’ve got more often without even thinking about it. Standing up straight means you’ll also ooze confidence, which is half the battle when it comes to looking good.

Strength: You’ll Be Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Yoga is a great way to tone up your muscles and increase your strength without becoming that guy who’s totally muscle-bound and addicted to dubious protein products. Because most modern yoga classes focus on all-over strength and flexibility, you’ll also see an even improvement across all areas of your body, rather than beefing up your biceps but still holding onto that beer gut.

Relaxation: You’ll Be Chill, Bro

There’s more to yoga than stretching into the shape of trees. The breathing techniques that are central to yoga help regulate your body’s oxygen intake and keep your heart rate low, which in turn helps you to stay relaxed. And, although practicing your downward dog (that’s the one where you press your palms and feet into the floor with your butt in the air) might be out of the question half-way through a bar shift, remembering to breathe when you get stressed out is an easy everyday method of keeping your cool in high-pressure situations.

Dancing: You’ll Be Lit on the Dancefloor

Everyone knows that your ability to dance is the tell-all indicator for how good your, ahem, ‘rhythm’ is in other areas of your life (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, skip to the last section of this article…). Yoga improves your flexibility and muscle control throughout your body, meaning that you’ll be a better, more fluid dancer. So rather than simply swaying like a bag of lukewarm human jelly or nodding like a bobblehead doll, you’ll be able to move more fluidly, and have more control over what you’re doing. Dancefloor win.

Mates: You’ll Meet Other Awesome Bro-gis

If you’ve just moved to a different city or want to meet a few new people outside of your social crew, joining a yoga class is a great way to make new mates. Also, contrary to popular belief, not all bro-gis are clean living freaks who survive on green juice and raw kale alone. I know a ton of yoga-going dudes who love a pint and a parma just as much as the next. You’re not a real man until you’ve sweated out a hangover in the studio without crying into your mat…

Sex: You’ll Be Able to Get into Positions That Other Guys Won’t

Now, I’m not talking Kama Sutra wrapped-up-like-a-pretzel positions (at least not yet…), but improving your joint and muscle strength, flexibility and general fitness means you’ll be hella more fun in the bedroom, regardless of whether you’re planning on getting naked with girls, guys, or a bang-fest of both. That ‘bounce your partner on top of you while standing with their legs wrapped around your waist’ stuff is tricky if your body isn’t up to it. By keeping bendy, strong and fit, you’ll find that your physical stamina, rhythm and general bedroom abilities will improve, making it better for everyone involved.

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