Ditch The Plastic Thanks To These 5 Sustainable Bulk Food Stores That Deliver In NZ

By Holly Shin
1st May 2020

Two women shopping in modern bulk food store GoodFor.

While we love a good trip to the supermarket, the amount of plastic and packaging involved in all our favourite foods can get a little out of hand. If you're feeling this way too, try out buying in bulk—you'll be reducing your waste and helping our planet breathe a little bit easier.

How does it reduce your waste, you ask? Well, with all these places below, you can come and fill your own reusable containers. Stock up on your Sistemas, glass jars and click-clack tubs and get ready to reduce your waste with Auckland's best bulk food stores.


These guys are at the top of the list for their sustainable vision and online offering. Yes, that's right—with GoodFor you can order bulk foods online that they deliver in paper bags to your door, so you can refill those reusable containers at home, no single-use plastic in sight. They have a huge range, from baking goods and herbs, to superfoods and snacks. There's also a confectionary section full of organic chocolate treats, yum. You could do your whole shop (minus the fresh fruits and vegetables) through these guys, so definitely head to GoodFor's online store and get shopping. There's free delivery nationwide for orders over $100, plus every time you shop they donate to 'Trees For The Future' and get trees planted all over the world. All the good vibes here.

An image of several paper bags containing red goji berries, dried vegetable crisps, a jar full of pumpkin seeds and another jar with dried coconut shreds.The Source

Say hello to their zero-waste shopping experience. The Source are committed to supplying organic, healthy foods to the community and are zero-waste through their commitment to saying no to plastic. They've got your usual bulk foods on offer through their online store, plus their own soup and cookie mixes that you can buy in jars and take home to make fresh. You can buy household goods too, like dishwashing liquid and soap. Their website is full of sustainable tips and bulk food facts, so have a look around as you shop and learn a thing or two. The Source have two Level 3 options available, home delivery nationwide or in-store pickup, and shipping is free for orders over $100. Win!

Nourish And Thrive

These guys are solely online and have a focus on sustainability, quality and affordability. Nourish and Thrive package everything in compostable brown paper bags and cellulose bags that look like plastic but are actually home compostable, too (big claps). They not only want to reduce plastic, but also waste as a whole. Also, if you've got dietary requirements whether that be gluten-free, keto, low GI or vegan, you can shop with that as a filter. Game-changing, we know. Pick up some raw meadow honey, grain-free muesli or a monthly subscription to their Paleo baking box and say no to plastic.

A wooden bowl full of flour, sitting on a wooden bench with muffins in the background.Kilo

Kilo have a more limited offering but are great for all you bakers out there or those just looking to buy the staples in bulk. Think nuts, coffee, rice and all the coconut products you'd ever need. Kilo also sell NZ-made plant-based mince with no preservatives and have a great range of hemp products, too. Although they're not the most waste-free option out there, they encourage you to recycle the soft plastics they use for packaging at Countdown stores nationwide. You can drop by to their St Helier's store or order online for home delivery nationwide (free delivery for orders over $129, too). 

Bin Inn

Can we do an article about buying in bulk and not mention the OG of New Zealand bulk foods, Bin Inn? While their website might not be as slick as the previous bulk food businesses (and not sure if we could use the words plastic-free here), they can be found all over New Zealand and are open during Level 3. They've got all the usual organic food, bulk baking essentials and household supplies. Unfortunately, you can't shop online, but if you're trying to keep in iso a little longer you can call up your local Bin Inn and see if they're delivering. Otherwise, head to Bin Inn, reduce your waste by bringing all your own containers or ask for brown paper bags and get buying in bulk. 

If you're looking for more ways to reduce your waste, check out these 10 ethical Kiwi fashion brands to get behind.

Image credits: GoodFor, The Source, Kilo

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