Auckland Cafes With Free Wifi

By Olivia Atkinson
22nd Aug 2017

When you’re a laptop-reliant freelancer or student, there are no words more appealing, no words more comforting than the words ‘free wifi’. Thankfully, there’s a large handful of Auckland cafes who understand said reliance on the interwebs.

All creatives and scholars know that the real shit gets done with the help of three rounds of coffee and solid brunch fare. And these cafes kindly offer the best of both worlds—a work-friendly, wifi-plenty space serving caffeine and kai. 

So, whether you’re working on that great novel, burying your nose in spreadsheets, or powering out your overdue assignment, here are some of Auckland’s best cafes with free wifi. 

  1. The tranquil vibes at Queenies Lunchroom will help you switch to work mode with ease. As will the excellent coffee. 
  2. Everyone knows that smashed avo toast gives innovative brainwaves a push in the right direction. Remedy Coffee has tops smashed av, speedy wifi, and is one of the best freelancing spots in the CBD. 
  3. Tucked away on High Street, The Shelf is a must for uni students looking to ditch the library for the day. Get amongst their open sammies and Dutch coffee.
  4. With its open, industrial design, Welcome Eatery is the perfect spot to beaver away. They’ve got filter coffee, a great organic tea selection and plenty of healthy food to nibble on. 
  5. Grey Lynn peeps, Kokako is where you should be working from. Select something scrumptious from the cabinet and sit down with a cold brew for a day of hard-core productivity. 
  6. If you thought the introduction of brekkie and lunch food at Ralph’s was the icing on the cake, you’ll be pleased to hear that they also offer wifi. Find a corner in the courtyard and smash out your work. 
  7. Crave in Morningside whips up some simple yet ridiculously delish folded eggs. Exactly what you need before cranking through tasks. 
  8. If you're in need of a sugar rush, then look no further than House of Chocoate for a venue to study and work. Free wifi and a plate of chocolate—Dreams do come true.
  9. Head out to Henderson if you’re looking to get your study on. With fresh donuts and iced chocolate for when you you need a sugar hit, Little Sister Café is a great café to work out of. 
  10. Home to some of the greatest Allpress coffee, Bambina Newmarket Cafe is Teed Streets gem. With white tables and a wooden floor, you can't go past the simple interior of Bambina for a work catchup. It helps a little that the smashed avo is off the charts. It's an Auckland cafe with free wifi you can't beat!
  11. Another freelance gem in the CBD, Misters has a focus on healthy fare (all about that brain power), smoothies, juices, and peaceful corners to work from. 
  12. Jaffles are the ultimate study fuel and Scullery’s wagyu mince and egg version is a winner. Set up camp at this K Road café with a choc and PB smoothie for a couple of hours of channelling your inner workaholic. 
  13. If you're looking for an Auckland cafe with free wifi, the recently refurbished Atomic Coffee Roasters hub in Kingsland is a must-visit for you and your laptop. You’ll find a huge communal table to perch on, a stellar brunch menu and fresh Atomic coffee on standby. 
  14. The quietest of the Shaky Isles bunch, Shaky Isles Newmarket has pikelets and milkshakys a.k.a. the only things you require for an efficient work sesh. 
  15. Type away amidst beautiful flora and fauna at The Botanist. On the food front, you’ll find a tasty salmon breakfast salad, ridiculous chocolate brownie waffles, and potato and black pudding gratin. If you accidently spend the whole day munching through the menu, we totally understand. But try get some work done too as the free wifi is a fabulous bonus.
  16. Located in Sunnynook, Fact-Tree is a student’s escape from the city. The eggs bene is served on crunchy homemade hash browns, which will leave you amped up and happy, ready to launch into your studies. 
  17. L’oeuf is a favourite for a number of reasons and of course the fact that it is an Auckland cafe with free wifi is right up there. While this Mt Albert café is super busy on the weekends, Monday til Friday is the time for you to swoop in, order The Nest, and werk it. Definitely one of Auckland's best spots for coffee and wifi. 
  18. Fun fact: The Fridge in Kingsland is big enough for you to find your own secluded corner and do some hard graft. There’s also pies for when the hunger sets in, because who doesn’t like pies? 
  19. One of our favourite Auckland cafe's, Mary's does superb coffee and the finest cafe food on the market with a wifi bonus too! Trust us, you're eggs have never tasted so divine and that Croque Monsieur is to die for. 
  20. Ditch the city for a couple of hours and head to the Coffee Lab in Wairau Valley. These kids are coffee fiends who roast their own beans and dabble in some funky latte art. 
  21. Make yourself comfortable down Imperial Lane with a fresh juice and something to nibble on. Their hot dogs are available to enjoy alongside a beer or vino from 12pm, if you’re that way inclined. 
  22. A stone’s throw from Takapuna Beach, Zomer has things sorted for freelancers and students in the form of wifi, fries and coffee. 
  23. Situated down Crummer Road in Grey Lynn, ohSO Café is a quiet spot to tick off some tasks. It feels like a home away from home and dishes out an awesome range of food, catering for brunch lovers and salad eaters alike. 
  24. If a quick email check and caffeine dose is what you’re after, Blend on Eden Terrace is where you need to go. They have Smith coffee in the machine and and Tokyo bikes on sale in case you want to ride away from reality. 
  25. Perfectly nestled in Parnell is one of Auckland's cosiest cafes, Domain & Ayr. With dainty wooden corner tables and cushions that'll put you right at home, grab yourself a long black and a delicious muffin and settle down to some study. This is a must-try for Auckland students—Wifi, good coffee and great service. 

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