Doornuts And The Pie Piper Have Set Up Shop On K ‘Road

By Jaiden Bhaga
12th May 2017

Over the past few months the team at Doornuts and Pie Piper have worked tirelessly to set up a place to call home. Between life-saving deliveries (not all heroes wear capes), they’ve been busy inventing, crafting and decorating the doughy treats of awesomeness all leading up to bring Auckland foodies a range of sweet eats we’ll never forget. Serving up as much fun as a location like K ‘Road deserves you’ll walk in to be faced with front cabinets, filled to the brim with a display of goodies that would put Willy Wonka to shame.

Every bit as sweet as the doughnuts, owners Danielle and Suzanne have spared no expense in bringing sugar addicts a new place to call home. The mother and daughter duo credit the inspiration for the Doornut phenomenon to Leal, Daniella's husband. What originally began as a mock business plan for his university students, both Daniella and Suzanne were inspired to begin a new venture beyond the beloved Pie Piper. Today you’ll find them both dashing around in the new kitchen, whipping up the next wonderful and whacky creation to win us over time and time again.

“When they come into the store, we want people to feel like they’re right at home,” says Daniella. “It’s a super comfy, inclusive and welcoming space.”

From a vast and ever-changing selection of iconic doughnuts and practically perfect pies, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice at the kick-ass range they have to offer.

You can’t go wrong with the larger than life s’more. Topped with a ginormous torched marshmallow on a thick, gooey chocolate-glazed doughnut and sprinkled with hokey pokey crunchy goodness.

Suzanne’s favourite, the Blueberry Berliner is so addictive, you won’t be able to stop yourself at just one.Wrapped in golden crumbled awesomeness, you’ll find a sweet centre oozing with a foodgasmic blueberry, it’s everything a sweet treat should aspire to be.

There’s even one for our fellow baconators. The Maple Bacon, Danielle’s favourite it’s all the goodness of the pancake breast rolled into one. Paired nicely with freshly brewed atomic coffee, it’s the breakfast of champs!

If you’re after a slice of something magical, look no further than a food-tastic range of pies that only dreams are made of. Choose from, the scrumptious Kia Ora Lime, the classic Salted Caramel Apple, the wild Rocky Road, Bourbon Pecan, Lemon-Lime Meringue, a seductive chocolate cream, and our top pick, the wicked Banoffee. Once you’ve picked the Pie Piper, you won’t want to go anywhere else!

Don’t have a sweet tooth? There’s something for you too! Available until 2 pm, they’ll be offering a drool-worthy savoury menu, every bit as exciting as the sweet stuff. Our top pick would have to be the mighty fine Popeye Biscuit. Authentically Southern-style with cheese and even pickle on the side, we’re already planning a trip back for round two!

Celebrating? Make it one to remember with one heck of an angel food cake. Their strawberry creation is the most perfect and pretty mountain of pink, worth getting giddy about.

You’re going to want to keep an eye on these guys, they’ll be introducing new groundbreaking flavours and creations weekly! Expect to see Doorflle (waffle-doughnuts), chocolate lamington, fairy bread and even UNICORN doughnuts. So, watch this space and we’ll bring you everything latest and greatest on the Doornut scene.
What are you waiting for? Get on down to Doornuts this weekend and have a taste of the magic for yourself! You’ll never know what exciting creations you’ll come across.

For more details, including opening hours, click here.

Image Credit: Jaiden Bhaga

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