Doughnut Waffles Are A Thing And Here’s Where To Get Them

By Emma Pickles
28th Apr 2017

Once upon a time a doughnut and a waffle got together and had a baby—the doorffle was born. 
These delicious gems have doughnut batter that is poked with holes and dipped into the deep fryer (meaning more surface area for that oily goodness to get in the gaps) to create the crunchiest waffle ever. It's so crunchy! They are then opped with a salted honey glaze and you get a sweet, salty, crispy and soft mouthful (or two) of absolute deliciousness. Holy moly! The doorffles are all free cut meaning each one is unique, so get your very own one (or ten) in store.
The doorffle is the perfect combination of sugar and fat—now that’s what we call balance.
So, give in to your desires. Your salivating mouth and rumbling stomach are trying to tell you something. And, everyone knows you gotta treat yourself every once in a while.
WARNING: You won’t be able to stop at just one.
Thank you Doornuts for bringing this creation into our lives. 

The Deets

What: Doorffles

Who: Doornuts

Where: 321 Karangahape Rd 

Image Credit: Doornuts NZ

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