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Tools Down | Dyson Just Dropped Their Next-Level Hair Stylers In NZ

By Jessica Pridmore
9th Aug 2019


When Dyson first dropped their Supersonic Hair Dryer it was an industry game-changer. Light, fast, and visually 'alternative', one use and it made your hair look and feel like salon-prepped heaven.

Originally famous for their iconic vacuums featuring patented technology, the release of the Supersonic certainly raised a few (perfectly manicured) eyebrows. This must-have item went on to be a global sell-out—and one seriously powerful beauty tool.

Soon after, we were spoilt with another Dyson drop of the beauty variety; the Dyson Airwrap Styler.

Feast your eyes on this beast:

Essentially a self-twirling curling iron, straightener, volumizer, and all-round perfect tresses-making gadget, this nifty little wand promises it can (and will) replace the need for a blow dryer, curling iron and wand—even your beloved straightener. Basically, it ‘sucks’ up your hair (using that patented technology), then releases perfectly coiffed strands, be they bouncy, poker straight or wavy.

The Airwrap comes with five detachable accessories—two barrels, a smoothing brush, a volumizing brush and the original pre-styling dryer—to ensure you never have a bad hair day again. Plus, there’s no heat damage as the Airwrap doesn’t use heat to style, and you can use it on wet hair (anyone else’s heart racing right now?)

Kiwi beauty gurus have waited patiently as we watched the rest of the world rock runway-ready tresses and we're happy to reveal, the wait is over. You can now get your hot hands on the cult-status hair tools from Dyson online, David Jones and the recently opened Sephora. It's fair to say they are an investment at $849 for the Dyson Airwrap and $599 for the Supersonic but we can confirm it's 100% worth it.

Just think—for the cost of a few sessions at the hairdressers, you could have salon-ready locks on the daily. Alternatively, just better start being extra nice to people if you want this for Christmas.

Image credit: Stocksy

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