Get On The Sustainability Train With 6 Eco-Friendly Stores That Deliver Across NZ

By Holly Shin
7th May 2020

A picture of wooden toothbrushes sitting on a wooden board with a palm frond underneath.

We've said goodbye to plastic bags, now move on to bigger and better things with these earth-friendly online stores. Chances are, you've probably got a set of metal straws in the cutlery drawer, and a stainless steel drink bottle for water. So, what's next? 

There are so many other products out there you can invest in to decrease your waste and live a more sustainable life. It's all the little things that add up that will help us all reduce our impact on our planet, and the selection is only growing. With everything from reusable shopping bags to cruelty-free beauty, you'll be able to shop with sustainability in mind with this list of Earth-friendly stores.


This range is the most aesthetically pleasing out there—who knew cotton buds could be so cute? EcoShack sell all the bamboo and wood products you could ever want, with pops of pastel colours to complete the look. They've got all the basics, from travel cups to cutlery to beeswax wraps. If you're looking for somewhere to start with your sustainability journey, we 100% recommend you check this store out.


A one-stop-shop for everything sustainable and plastic-free, EcoWarehouse cover everything from home and garden goods to beauty and baby necessities. You'll find yourself spending a good hour browsing through their massive selection. You could pick a DIY nut milk kit to get milking your nuts at home, toothpaste tablets that you chew as you brush, and compostable bin liners to reduce your plastic waste. Ladies, if you're not quite ready to graduate to a moon cup, these guys stock compostable bamboo pads so you can still can down your plastic waste, too. They've also got a 'Surprise Me' button on their menu, so if you're feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start, hit that button and see what comes up to get you inspired in your Earth-friendly shopping.

A picture of brightly coloured designs printed on eco-friendly clothsThe Green Collective

Deck yourself out for your grocery shop with this online store. The Green Collective specialise in sturdy reusable shopping bags and extremely stylish biodegradable kitchen cloths. You can pick up reusable produce bags for your fruit and veggies, organic cotton bags for your bulk food and bread, and then pop in all in their ENCORE tote, made from what they call bouncy castle PVC which make them extremely durable and waterproof. Their biodegradable SPRUCE cloths are not to be missed and are a solid replacement for your smelly kitchen sponge. You can chuck them in your dishwasher to wash them, and with their contemporary designs in bright colours, you'll never go back.

The Cruelty-Free Shop

Being vegan isn't just a fad, and even those of us who aren't vegan know we could do with reducing our consumption of animal products. Dedicated to everything vegan, The Cruelty-Free Shop has a huge selection of animal-friendly products for you to peruse. Whether you're hankering for a tasty pie, a kilo of grated vegan cheese or gelatine-free mini-marshmallows, you can change up your diet for our environment, the animals and your own health to really get living your best sustainable life. Plus, they donate a portion of every purchase to an animal welfare charity of your choice, so you know your money is going to a good place.

A collection of shampoo soap bars and brightly coloured boxes from EthiqueOh Natural

Sustainable beauty has never been easier thanks to these guys. Oh Natural have got all the best brands in natural beauty and eco-friendly living products. Their top sellers include an all-natural deodorant paste, Inika Organic BB Cream and Dr Bronners 18-in-1 Pure Castille Soap—which is basically magic if you haven't heard of it before. They've got an ever-growing waste-free category too, so you can shop guilt-free. 

Green Elephant

With ethical, organic and sustainable products sourced from all over New Zealand, Green Elephant has a huge selection of absolutely everything you'd ever want and need. Think of this as a sustainable, local version of Amazon, full of gorgeous ethically made jewellery, eco-friendly dog shampoo, and stainless steel lunchboxes. What more could you need? They have a badge system for each of their vendors so you can see how they fit, whether they're animal friendly, fair trade, recycled or organic, you'll be able to shop knowing exactly what impact your product has had during production.

Find more ways to ditch plastic and packaging by buying in bulk from one of these sustainable bulk food stores.

Image credit: EcoShackNZ, The Green Collective, Oh Natural

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