Electric Chicken And Six Barrel Soda Will Make Your Dreams Come True On K’ Road

By Lauren Sanderson
23rd Mar 2020

Fried Chicken, need we say anymore? Much-loved New Zealand chicken shop Electric Chicken have paired up with Wellington born Six Barrel Soda Co to create an ‘electric’ dining experience

You may recognise them from their hole in the wall set-up in Morningside, but now they’ve spread their wings (excuse the pun) and have taken over what used to be Moustache Cookie Bar. The duo are now nestled on K' Road and are dishing out the goods and when we say goods we’re talking crispy chicken burgers, a 12 piece bucket of tender chicken, loaded fries and much more—flavour galore! 

Wash all that chook down with a Six Barrel Soda—now these aren’t your ordinary sodas, no siree, they’re packed with a range of fun and vibrant ingredients to create a magical concoction that will certainly quench your thirst. Our fave has to be the mermade, made with lemonade, butterfly pea, flowers and topped with candy floss—this enchanting drink will transport you to a magical haven. Don’t worry there are no nasties here, as they’re made with fair trade organic cane sugar and real fruit, which means they have around 30% less sugar than regular soda. Winning! 

Girl standing in front of Six Barrel Soda co

Now onto the grub. The menu is a fried chicken lover's dream as it’s home to every fried chicken you can imagine. From delish quarter, half or whole birds through to nuggets, there really is a fried chicken dish for every taste. 

If you’re only going to order one thing here, it has to be the crispy chicken thigh burger topped with pickles, crunchy lettuce and the drool-worthy electric sauce—it’s clucking good! Or if you don’t fancy chicken then the Lord Cheesus burger will certainly hit the spot, made from a juicy ¼ pound beef patty, cheese, pickles and that famous electric sauce, all served on a soft steamed bun. Get in our bellies. 

To make this a meal, sink your teeth into the loaded crack fries—smothered in gooey liquid cheese, gravy and jalapenos to add that kick. Could you ask for a better combination? We think not. 

What about the sweet stuff? Well for you sweet-tooth lovers out there, the menu is dishing out two desserts that will make you want more with every mouthful. Both of which are soft-serve options with a choice of crushed oreo and chocolate sauce or caramel corn, crushed pretzels and caramel sauce. We know what we’d be getting—both, of course! 

If you’re not quite sold then let’s shake things up a little—choose from their range of shakes and slurp on the likes of toffee pop, choccy fish, strawberry shortcake and cherry vanilla. 

So, if you’re after a feed that is guaranteed to satisfy then head to Electric Chickens new set up and let the sweet smell of fried chicken entice you. Grab the napkins and dig into some of the tastiest chook in town—we promise it’s finger-licking good. 

For more images and information, including opening hours, click here.

Image credit: Wono Kim

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